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Day 56 – 17 Sept: Cross earns first spot in All Stars season finale – BBNaija

17 September 2023
Biggie's unexpected twist makes Cross the first finalist of the season.
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Give it up for Cross; he is the first All Stars housemate to make it to the finals. He made it through after buying immunity with a sum of 4000 Moniepoint coins in a special shopping cart opened to the housemate today.

This afternoon, Big Brother shocked the All Stars with the announcement that he was going to provide them with a shopping cart with special items. It was later revealed in a briefing to the house that the housemates would be able to purchase the following items with their moniepoint coins:

Immunity pass for Week 94000 Moniepoint Coins

This guarantees a place in the finals.

Black envelope pick: 3000 Moniepoint coins

The housemate is presented with three black envelopes, one of which has immunity. The housemate must randomly pick one.

Head of house game advantage: 3000 Moniepoint Coins

The housemate wins a seven minute time advantage in the next HoH game, which will be an endurance challenge.

Meal for the week: 2000 Moniepoint Coins 

The housemate would be provided with seven cooked meals. One per day of the week.

Dinner for two: 1800 Moniepoint Coins

A nice garden or arena set up with an intercontinental meal for two, all on Big Brother.

Two Moniepoint gold tokens: 1500 Moniepoint Coins

The housemate has the opportunity to increase their Moniepoint tokens by buying an additional two Moniepoint Tokens to what they already own. 

Deals that were made

Housemates swiftly sorted through what they had in their coin stash to find out what they could afford. Trades also happened between the housemates, which led to the following deals:

Venita: Dinner for two

Venita went into the diary room to bargain for the deal of a dinner for two for herself and her boo Adekunle. 

Mercy Eke: Meal for the week

Mercy Eke did some bargaining with Whitemoney and eventually went into the diary room to make a deal for cooked meals for the week.

Immunity from eviction

HoH Cross spent the most cash today, both inside and outside the house, as he bargained for coins from his fellow housemate to bag immunity from the shopping cart. In a bid to secure enough coins ,he agreed to pay Sholzy One Million Naira for his Moniepoint Coins while Neoenergy got himself a sweet deal of three Million Naira for 1700 Moniepoint Coins. 

Cross, however, almost met a stumbling block when Ilebaye, whom he had previously bargained with, had a change of heart when Biggie called her into the diary room to confirm if she agreed to pass her coins to Cross. He eventually got his wish when Alex stepped up to present him with some of her Moniepoint Coins. 

Coins bid in the diary room eventually guaranteed him immunity from eviction in Week 9, which also means a guaranteed spot in the finale.

Cross' determination to secure the Moniepoint Coins paid off, as he not only avoided eviction but also secured a spot in the highly anticipated finale. This turn of events showcased his strategic prowess and ability to adapt to unexpected challenges. 

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