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Day 48 – 9 Sept: Comedic moments from planet week for the All Stars - BBNaija

09 September 2023
A green house left us feeling fresh, with comic moments that had us laughing throughout the week.

The All Stars have had some very funny moments this week as they explored the best ways to go green and save the planet for their weekly wager challenge. While they brainstormed ideas, comic moments sprang up that had us in stitches. Let's take a look at some of these moments. 

Sholzy from the planet Mars. 

Sholzy got his fellow housemates and viewers cracking up with his witty response to Cross' question about Earth when Doyin, who was the Head of House at the time, announced that the theme of the week was going to be Planet Earth. "Who knows about Earth?" Cross asked after Doyin revealed the upcoming week's theme. His question was answered when Sholzy, with a mischievous grin, replied, "I don't know. Where is Earth? Oh my God, how do we get to Earth? I have never been there before in my life." The room burst out in laughter as Sholzy continued to entertain everyone with his hilarious questions about our planet.

A very plantish house

Ever heard of humans being 'plantish'? Well, Angel had us wondering what that was and later left us with wide grins on our faces when we realised she was referring to the colour-coordinated outfits that had been worn by the All Stars. Angel had initially spoken to Soma about putting on green and brown coloured outfits, which are representative of plants and nature.. 

A funny and "very plantish" Earth week

The onesie twins

In a situation unrelated to plants or planet Earth, Neoenergy and Pere gave us a good dose of entertainment during the week after they were forced to share a onesie as punishment for whispering on numerous occasions when they had engaged in dialogue, which is not permitted by Biggie. Neoenergy and Pere's antics had us ROTFL 🤣 as they hilariously tried to navigate their way through the course of the day, uncomfortably so, while being stuck in the same onesie. Their lighthearted approach to the punishment brought a much-needed dose of laughter to the house. 

The All Stars have consistently delivered when it comes to providing us with laughter and entertainment, so we can't wait to see what they come up with next. Their ability to find humour in even the most testing situations is truly impressive, and it's what keeps us eagerly tuning in to pur screens week after week. 

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