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Day 47 – 8 Sept: The aftermath of parrot's revelation – BBNaija

08 September 2023
Without a doubt, parrot is in competition with Ebuka to shatter tables.

The Big Brother Naija house was thrown into disarray immediately after the arena games when the parrot exposed the conversations of some of the All Stars. As soon as parrot was done, a shouting match began involving Angel, Doyin, Kim Oprah, and Neoenergy.

Who said what?
Angel and Neoenergy had the first round of gbas gbos as the parrot revealed a conversation in which Doyin spoke about being betrayed by Angel. The explosion between Angel and Neoenergy led to name-calling and them cursing each other out. The second round of wahala was between Kim Oprah and Doyin. The parrot released a conversation where Pere was called a "weakling" over the love triangle between him, Kim Oprah, and Cross. As Doyin was screaming that she wasn't scared of anybody in the house, Kim Oprah was also screaming that the gossip mongers should keep her name out of their mouths.
In all of this, Ceec came out to admit that she said part of the leaked conversation about Kim Oprah. 
Later on, Doyin explained to Cross that she never called Pere a "weakling" but Whitney," insisting that she calls him that in his presence to signify that he has the personality of a soft girl. We hear you, girl, and we hope Pere does too.

Pere wept
The chaos of the parrot's revelation brought tears to Pere's eyes, and as he let them flow, Alex, Angel, Sholzy, and Venita comforted him. Sholzy said "A strong man is not bound by emotions." Doyin also stopped by to let him know that nobody called him a 'weakling.' Unfortunately, their words held no comfort for the general who declared that the house was about to hate him more than before. According to him, "I am about to unleash hell on some certain individuals, and I will do it calmly." He also mentioned to Neoenergy that the tears were a result of him being extremely angry. Something has indeed shifted in Pere. Are the housemates ready?

A party without Angel
The pool and grill party was definitely not the same without Angel. Apparently, she couldn't deal with the drama and still turn it up at the party, so she left early. Soma also left to be with his boo. The absence of Angel and Soma definitely changed the dynamic of the party. We hope Angel deals with the chaos so she can fully enjoy herself again.

Mercy's rant
The night also witnessed a short movie from Mercy Eke, who boasted to Ilebaye that there is nothing she cannot say in the presence of anybody, declaring that she will win the show the second time. In the midst of her rant, Biggie called her out for microphone infringement, and she threatened to leave the house. Ilebaye and other housemates called her to order, considering she had received a strike earlier on for microphone use and for whispering. Is Lambo spoiling for another strike?

The events of last night once again show that nothing can be hidden from Biggie's all-seeing eyes, and even as Ceec, Mercy, and Doyin call Biggie out for revealing their conversations and swearing to stop talking in the house, can they actually pull off this feat? Clearly, the dynamics in the house have been shifted once again. How will the All Stars deal with it? 

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