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Day 65: Wahala brews for Chichi in the House – BBNaija

26 September 2022
The Level Up Housemates couldn't keep Chichi's name out of their lips today and several gists about her sprung up all day.

Bella confronted Chichi after the Live Eviction Show in a bid to iron out their differences as Chichi was upset at Bella over a remark she made about her dance styles. The exercise proved futile since Chichi was adamant that Bella was out of line despite Bella’s attempts at exonerating herself.

The failed chat between Chichi and Bella set today in motion as Chichi’s name was on the lips of most of the Housemates. It all started in the garden with Bella, Rachel, and Phyna as the latter told the two former Level 1 ladies that Chichi likes Groovy. She dished evidence of her claims by stating that Chichi kept on calling for Groovy on Sunday morning during the battery change.

Bella chimed in about her disapproval of Chichi’s continued belligerence and her refusal to see to reason even after pointing out her wrongs. This spurred Rachel into adding gist about all her qualms with Chichi including the most recent spat with her over the Showmax ticket. Getting even more worked up, Rachel added that she didn’t think that Deji was into Chichi at all.

After picking up on the conversation that Bella, Rachel, and Phyna were having in the garden about Chichi, Adekunle raised his concerns with Daniella and Bryann saying, “I think Chichi is in trouble”. He recounted all that he overheard from the ladies in the Garden and expressed how disappointed he was in Rachel for constantly clinging to Phyna and siding with her on everything.

Adekunle and Daniella talking about Chichi

While Adekunle, Daniella, and Bryann were analysing the change in dynamic between Chichi and Phyna, Bella walked into the bedroom from the garden. Instead of the gist dying down, it only picked up steam. Bella explained that Chichi has had a change in attitude since becoming Head of House. Bella added that she had heard Chichi complaining about being under a lot of pressure which surprised her. A baffled Adekunle who was once Head of House dispelled Chichi's claims but Daniella mitigated Chichi's claims by suggesting that the HoH position might not be easy to navigate.

Chichi and Phyna make amends

Later in the afternoon, Phyna and Chichi had a conversation in a bid to mend their friendship. Phyna explained that while she sees Chichi as a friend, she doesn't understand her affinity towards Groovy. She explained to Chichi that while she didn't have a problem with their banter, concern started to grow when Chichi started relying on Groovy even more. Phyna even asked why Chichi helped Groovy fold his clothes and didn't extend the help to her. In her defense, a surprised Chichi said she always helped everyone. 

Chichi claimed that Phyna's views on her and Groovy were unfounded and that her sightings were purely coincidental, a claim that flew over Phyna's head as she continued with her line of questioning. “You told me in the past that people were always Nominating in Level 1, but I heard that if anyone wanted me Nominated, it was always you,” said Phyna to which Chichi responded by saying everyone in former Level 1 saw Phyna as a threat back then. Chichi then reminded Phyna of a conversation they had about Nominations where she told Phyna that she was strong.

The Head of House also added that she didn't appreciate how Phyna talked about her to the other Housemates instead of confronting her. Chichi added that the factions in the House are clear and that she is not bothered by that since she and Phyna have been on opposite sides before, though it pained her that they were having issues. She finally admitted to Phyna that she saw Groovy as a fantasy but that it wasn't a secret. Chichi further reminded Phyna that she (Phyna) was the one who told her that Groovy was taken by Beauty which forced her to quickly move on.

The tense conversation ended with an apology from Chichi to Phyna for the misunderstanding they had, which set as Phyna's cue to caution her on the change in attitude since making HoH.

Chichi was on a war path

Will the tension that is brewing beneath the surface between Chichi and Phyna escalate further?

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