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Day 53: Doyin settles scores with her friends – BBNaija

14 September 2022
Whether it was stress from the Game or personal issues, Doyin was not having a great day as she butt heads with two of her friends!

After the Level 3 House Guests joined the Level Up Housemates, gist started to flow in the House. From the House Guests' experience of being sent to Level 3 instead of home to the aftermath of the Live Eviction Show in the House, Housemates couldn't wait to spill the tea while trying to figure out what Big Brother must be up to.

Level 3 House Guests return to the main House

It didn't take time for Doyin to piece together that she along with her fellow House Guests were no longer in the running for the grand prize. In a conversation with her two counterparts, Chomzy and Eloswag, Doyin said, "For the fact that they didn't call us to play the HoH Games, it's very obvious we are not part of the House." Well, she's not wrong there, but could this have set the tone for how the rest of her day panned out?

Doyin confronts Allysyn

During the Diary Sessions, Doyin confronted Allysyn with her doubts about the strength of their friendship. The major bone of contention between the two was that Allysyn was not as emotional as Doyin had expected that she would be, this was according to the Housemates' account of what happened after Doyin was Evicted. The pair were seen in the middle of a heated argument before Allysyn had to leave for her Diary Session.

During her Diary Session, a drained Allysyn told Big Brother that she felt like she constantly had to reassure Doyin about their friendship. "I really like her Biggie," explained Allysyn. "It's just that I have never had to explain myself to someone so much... it's tiring."

Doyin and Bryann's friendship is on the rocks
Doyin got a chance to confront Bryann about the fact that he didn't look happy to see her when she came into the House. Just as Bryann was about to explain to Doyin what her problem is, she said, "I don't care about how you feel about me. What matters is how I feel about you. If I like you I will mess with you but if I feel like I don't like you, I won't mess with you." On narrowing down to her point, Doyin added, "whether you are happy that I am here or you are not happy that I am here or you're talking to people to paint a narrative about me..." to which Bryann interjected for more clarity. Doyin told Bryann that if they could engage in banter, then it shouldn't be hard for him to talk to her since she is alive and accessible. 

While the pair didn't resolve their issue with one another, Doyin expressed to Bryann that she doesn't see him as more than a friend since she would chew him up and that he wouldn't be able to handle her. Them not resolving their issues seems to be a pattern since Doyin confronted Bryann recently over his attitude towards her during a Task and while that confrontation was more heated than the above-mentioned, they didn't come to a solution to the matter.

Doyin accuses Bryann of lying

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