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Day 50: Nominated Housemates speculate they won't survive Evictions – BBNaija

11 September 2022
In today's Eviction Diary Session, Big Brother asked Nominated Housemates to rate their chances of staying in the Game and they struggled with staying positive.

Bella, Bryann, Chomzy, Doyin, Eloswag, Phyna, and Riders, Rachel, and Chizzy were Nominated on Monday though Rachel and Chizzy are exempt from possible Eviction. Since their Nominations, tensions had been on the rise in the House as Housemates kept butting heads on things such as food supplies. Perhaps Housemates were starting to feel the pressure of the Game.

A grim outlook

Of all the Nominated Housemates, Bella gave Biggie a more positive outlook on her chances of surviving the Game. "Sheggz always complains that I am negative," said Bella, "so, I give myself an 80 percent chance Biggie." She admitted to Big Brother, however, that her fellow Nominated counterparts are strong in their own rights.

Bryann, Phyna, and Elsowag were all on the fence as to what their chances of staying in the game were. They all told Biggie that they felt they had a 50 percent chance of staying and a 50 percent chance of going. "I am ok with whatever the outcome is Biggie, whether I am staying or going. Eloswag accounted his outlook to the strengths that the Housemates he is up against had and was reluctant on speculating much on how he would fair tonight. 

Chomzy on the other hand, like Bella, was a bit more positive than the rest of the Housemates. She told Biggie that she felt she had a 60 percent chance of staying in the Game but acknowledge the strengths of the Nominated Housemates. Perhaps the most negative of the lot was Doyin who told Big Brother that on a scale of one to ten, with ten being her chances of leaving the House, she would give herself a nine. She said that has had a feeling that she wouldn't make it against her Nominated counterparts.


Given their uncertainty about their confidence in staying in the Game, the Housemates all pointed to their Nominated counterparts as being stronger than them. When Big Brother probed on why they felt the way they did, Doyin who gave the least positive outlook told Biggie that Chomzy is competitive and bag a few Task wins and that Bryann is liked by many. Could she be truly intimidated by her counterparts or is she preparing herself for the worst?

Rider confusion

Even after Biggie assured both Rachel and Chizzy about the fact that they would not be Evicted tonight, they both expressed concerns about being possibly Evicted. Rachel went as far as telling Biggie that comparing the Housemates that are Nominated to her, she is the weaker of the lot. Could the Evictions of fake Housemates, Modella and Deji have rattled Rachel up?

Chizzy ignored Biggie's reassurance and went into a rant about his speculations. "If there is a rider in this House that is a female, that means, I will go anytime," said Chizzy. He added that it would be difficult to tell which Housemate would be Evicted next because they are all strong, though he finally settled on Bella, Doyin, and Eloswag.

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