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Day 45: Unsettled emotions after Nominations – BBNaija

06 September 2022
Some of the Nominated Housemates are pissed off about their present circumstances and try to make sense of it.
Chomzy and Bryann

Post Nomination in the Level Up House was filled with a lot of emotions considering the fact that this was the first time the Veto Power was used this season. Bryann complained about the reason he was used as a Save and Replace for Adekunle, while Chomzy was quick to complain about being up for possible Eviction. HoH Hermes was also interested in a little rant session as he had a chat with Adekunle in the Garden about a grievance he had towards Bryann.

Making sense of the Nominations

Right after Biggie announced the names of the Housemates who were up for possible Eviction, Chomzy was quick to express her displeasure over being Nominated. While having a conversation with Rachel (Rider) in the Kitchen, she spoke about her fellow Housemates not liking her hence the reason why she was Nominated. She went on to reiterate the same narrative while speaking to Bryann, Dotun, and Doyin in the Lounge. 

Bryann, on the other hand, made it clear he was not shocked by the ‘Save and Replace’ that saw him take the place of Adekunle on the list of Housemates up for possible Eviction. While speaking with Doyin (whom he Nominated), he said Hermes’ decision to put him up for possible Eviction was based purely on emotion and not a decision made through strategic reasoning. 

Phyna and Doyin didn’t have too much to say apart from the fact that they were weary about the coming Sunday. Phyna spoke about being the most Nominated Housemate, while Doyin continued to have conversations with various Housemates. Could that be her own way of coping with the pressure of being Nominated? We can't say for sure but we would like to see if any of the Nominated Housemates unravel as the days go by. 

Oscar worthy performances

The Riders Chizzy and Rachel were quite amazing in expressing their ‘disappointment’ over being Nominated for possible Eviction. Just like Chomzy, Rachel said to all who could hear her that she was sure her Nomination happened because a lot of people in the House do not like her. Chizzy on the other hand, immediately put up a sad face and took on a sad demeanour after the Nominations were announced. An act that some on social media described as Oscar-worthy.

Hermes has trust issues

HoH Hermes was not in a good mood after the Save and Replace last night. While analysing the Nominations with Adekunle, he segued into expressing his displeasure about Giddyfia saying he could not be friends with him outside the House because he doesn't trust him. Adekunle shared the same sentiments with Hermes because he had asked Giddyfia if he liked Rachel and he denied it. If you all remember, Giddyfia eventually revealed to Rachel that he had feelings for her knowing fully well that Adekunle was also interested in her.

Hermes also expressed his thoughts on Bryann's attitude. He claimed to have liked Bryann at first but now sees him as a hypocrite because he wasn't living up to his words. He, however, did not state if this was the reason why he put him up for possible Eviction in place of Adekunle.

Hermes chats with Adekunle

We can't wait to see if the Housemates will see eye to eye or if tension from the Wager loss and Nominations leads to more drama 

BellaBryann, ChomzyDoyinEloswag and Phyna have been Nominated and are up for possible Eviction. You have until Thursday 21:00 WAT/ 22:00 CAT to Vote for your favourite Level Up Housemate on Mobile, Web, and the MyDStv or MyGOtv apps. Watch the show live on the 24-hour channels 198 on DStv and 29 on GOtv. Fans across Africa and the UK can sign up on the streaming service Showmax. Make sure you don't miss anything from Biggie's world on our website and be part of the #BBNaija gist on Twitter, InstagramFacebook, and TikTok. Season 7 of Big Brother Naija is sponsored by headline sponsor Pocket app and associate sponsor Flutterwave.