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Day 34: Will Eloswag ever get the green light? – BBNaija

26 August 2022
Chomzy keeps switching lights between red and amber, but Eloswag is waiting for it to turn green.
Chomzy and Eloswag  in the HoH bedroom

The first female HoH of the Level Up Season, Chomzy, has had an unclear relationship with the previous HoH, Eloswag. When Big Brother asked Chomzy who her HoH bedroom companion was, she chose Eloswag on the spot. This was not shocking because earlier that day, Chomzy was doing Eloswag's hair as he offered comfort to her for the betrayal she experienced from Bella regarding the gossip that took place in the House. 

In the previous Sunday Live Eviction Show, host Ebuka asked Eloswag if he and Chomzy are in a ship, and he expressed doubt. He told Ebuka that he is waiting for a green light, and at the moment that robot is red. It is unclear what would count as a green light for Eloswag. Is being invited to share an exclusive bedroom not a green light? 

Red light 

On Day 33. Eloswag asked for a kiss from Chomzy who responded with, "why?" He failed to respond to this question and did not get the kiss that he politely asked for. This is clear red light, but Eloswag is not giving up on making moves on his "babe." 

Chomzy and Eloswag engaged in a talk about his interest in her after the Pool Party. "I'm fine just being friends," Chomzy said to his roomie. Eloswag reckons Chomzy is not being truthful about her feelings for him. After the first Saturday Night Party, Eloswag told Chomzy that he likes her, and during their talk yesterday, he reminded her of that day. Chomzy objected, reminding him that she told her this after kissing Phyna. "I did not kiss Phyna. Phyna kissed me," Eloswag rebutted. For Chomzy, the two are the same thing. 

Eloswag just being her friend is not a new thing for Chomzy. When she got a chance to talk to Groovy at the previous Saturday Night Party, he denied being in a ship with Eloswag to Groovy. She told Groovy that Eloswag is like a brother to her. 

Amber light 

Chomzy continues to send signals to Eloswag, dancing exotically on him at the first merged Pool Party last night, a continuation of something she has been doing in previous parties. Eloswag was over the moon and had the time of his life. The two continue to share the HoH bed, and according to Chomzy, just as friends. 

Will Chomzy ever say yes to Eloswag's move on her? Are you rooting for this ship? 

Watch Chomzy and Eloswag talking about their ship. 

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