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Day 30: A rumour spreads like wildfire in Biggie's House – BBNaija

22 August 2022
The morning had commotion over a rumour that Groovy and Phyna have been intimate.
The Level Up ladies arguing

After this morning's gut-busting exercise, chaos ensued as soon as the crew headed back to the House – and at the centre of this chaos were Amaka, Chichi, Bella, Chomzy Phyna and Groovy.

Groovy pulled Phyna to the side in the bedroom, and let her know Chomzy had told him about a rumour spreading in the House about Groovy and Phyna's ship. He revealed how Chomzy told him GrooPhy had taken their relationship further and had started sharing intimate moments under the covers. Groovy seemed upset about this rumour and asked Phyna to talk to Amaka, who he suspected of spreading it, insisting she gets to the bottom of things.

When Phyna confronted Amaka, all hell broke loose and a confusing game of he said, she said ensued. Amaka admitted she had told Chichi about Phyna and Groovy's brand-new ship, but insisted she hadn't mentioned them being intimate.

Pretty soon, Chomzy was confronted about where she got her information from and when she revealed Bella had told her about GrooPhy's duvet shenanigans, Bella quickly jumped in and denied it. She was subsequently pulled out of the conversation by Sheggz

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In a later conversation in the kitchen, Bella admitted to Sheggz that she indeed had told Chomzy about Groovy and Phyna, but she had only done that to protect her. She voiced out her displeasure at Chomzy telling Groovy what she had told Chomzy in confidence. "You're acting like you're right, but you're not right. You are not a good friend," Bella told Chomzy. 

Watch Bella confronting Chomzy: 

While the House donned their private investigator hats and tried to find the source of the salacious rumour, Bella and Chichi got together and Chichi confirmed Amaka had only told her about GrooPhy being an item. "She didn't tell me they were intimate," she confirmed.

On Saturday after the Arena Task, Amaka had gisted Chichi about Groovy and Phyna being an item. Chichi seemed shocked and said as much in a conversation with Bella. "Apparently they share a bed and they have even kissed and touched," she said as soon as they went back to the Level 1 House.

Following today's drama, Chomzy insisted she will never talk to the girls again, and the only ones she will talk to are Amaka and the boys. 

What will happen to Bella and Chomzy's relationship now, and most importantly, who started the rumour? Was this a case of broken telephone and a general misunderstanding?

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