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Day 28: Deji and Groovy spill the tea – BBNaija

20 August 2022
Deji and Groovy have switched Houses and are now spilling all the tea.
Deji and Groovy

Biggie’s Twist left the Level Up House filled with a lot of emotions and it led to one of the most interesting nights of the season so far. The tears flowed freely and the shocked Housemates gossiped about the whole issue. Let's not forget the fight between Chichi and Adekunle over Deji’s exit. 

After the switch had taken place, however, the Housemates in each Level wanted all the tea from their new colleague. 

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Level 1

Groovy was swarmed with questions from Bella, Sheggz and Doyin and at some point, it felt like an interrogation. Bella asked Groovy about Beauty’s disqualification and who he was close to in the Level 2 House. He obliged and spoke about how his relationship with Beauty went sour and how he has started hooking up with Phyna. After the interrogation in the dining area, Groovy proceeded to put away his luggage and then another round of conversation with Sheggz happened again. This time Sheggz gave him all the gist about his fight with Adekunle and what led to it. Could it be that Sheggz is trying to build some sort of alliance with Groovy in case of future occurrences? The conversation then moved to University education. Since Doyin and Groovy went to the same University, they spoke at length about the school and certain people they might share acquaintanceships with Sheggz took this opportunity however to let everyone in the room know he studied abroad and didn’t experience long strikes. 

Later on, Doyin had Groovy to herself and the questions continued. She asked him about what happened to Beauty again. This time, however, he relayed properly everything that happened between them and how she got disqualified. He told her that the issue with Beauty started during one of the Tasks when Beauty tried to touch his hand but he unknowingly acted cold towards her at that moment. Then after the Saturday Night party, Beauty said “Is that why you were cold the other day when I tried to hold your hand” he said Beauty thought he didn’t want people to know about them and they were not a thing yet. They blamed alcohol and Doyin said Groovy must also mention the nice things about Beauty, which are being smart, loyal, etc.  

Level 2

Deji was also facing a similar circumstance with Groovy as the Level 2 Housemates faced him with a barrage of questions. He answered as much as he could and also asked a few questions of his own. Later on, Phyna and Amaka entertained him with enough gist as he unpacked his clothes in the bedroom. The gist then swerved to Phyna and her ships so far. She spoke about Eloswag, and how she realised Chomzy was in the picture. She also spoke about Groovy, his ship with Beauty and how she ended up with him. 

The conversation led to Deji revealing that Chomzy also liked Groovy. Deji’s revelations prompted Phyna to shout “Groovy go touch everybody”😂 Phyna was insinuating she was okay with Groovy going after Chomzy if he wanted. Phyna also insinuated that if Groovy went for Chomzy she would also take another shot at Eloswag. In all this, Amaka was thrilled to have her friend back. She backed every statement Phyna made and let everyone know that Phyna her friend abandoned her for 6 days because of a ship that has now ended. Has it though?

At least we know Al Jazeera and CNN are back on our screens.😂

Phyna also revealed how she liked Bryann but brother-zoned him because she felt he was too young for her. I as much as Deji spilled, he also got a boat load of gossip that may be useful to him in his journey as a Fake Housemate. 

Deji and Groovy switch Levels

We can't wait to see how the switch affects the dynamics of both Levels in the House.

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