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Day 18: Nominated Housemates open up to Biggie – BBNaija

10 August 2022
Bryann, Groovy, Ilebaye, Khalid and Phyna speak to Biggie about being Nominated.
Bryann, Groovy, Ilebaye, Khalid, Phyna Nominated

Sunday saw the departure of three Level 2 Housemates. On Monday after losing the HoH Game, five more would be Nominated by Adekunle, placing at least one of them at risk of possibly going home after this week's Live Show. 

This is what they had to say to Biggie about how the Nomination makes them feel.

Bryann knew he would be up for possible Eviction because he knows that he is a threat. So, he was waiting for his name to be called. He was, however, disappointed that his fellow Housemates did not show empathy when he was Nominated. "No one even winked at me," Bryann expressed. It seems like he would have appreciated any one of his Housemates asking him how he is processing the Nomination and supporting him. Or, was he expecting one specific person to hold his hand? Perhaps Modella? 

Groovy also believes she is a threat to the Level 1 Housemates but adds that there is nothing she can do about that as he can't hide who he is. He says has been unlucky in his Tasks, even earning himself the title of Tail of the House. He recognises that Nomination is part of the Game, and he holds no grudge against the HoH. 

Getting called for the first time as a Housemate up for Nomination, Ilebaye says it feels strange to be up for Nomination. She understands that Nomination is inevitable and prepared herself for this moment, If she had to allocate numbers, she would credit 95% as not scared, and 5% of her is worried that this might be her last week in the House. In the interim, she is going to live in the moment and enjoy this week as potentially her last one. 

Khalid made it to the hit list again this week when Nomination time came. He was next to Adekunle as the top three Housemates in the last round of the HoH Games. He reckons he is a threat to the other Housemates and that is why they keep Nominating him. Due to this being his second Nomination, he feels calmer than he was the first time around. He is not allowing the Nomination to distract him and for him, there is so much to do and a lot of creativity to showcase. He is, therefore, going to focus on that rather than the potential of going home. 

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When Biggie asked Phyna how she feels about being Nominated once more, she softly chuckled and bowed her head slightly. She told Biggie that she is a threat and the Level 1 Housemates are scared of her and they shake when they see her. After her Nomination, she told her fellow Housemates that she made sure to look all of the Level 1 Housemates in the eyes. Before that, she was crying hysterically, comforted by her friend Amaka. 

She does, however, feel sad and scared that she is Nominated, but it does feel good to know that she is a threat and they want to get rid of her. "I'm ready for them," she tells Biggie. 

BryannGroovyIlebaye, Khalid and Phyna have been Nominated and are up for possible Eviction. You have until Thursday 21:00 WAT/ 22:00 CAT to Vote for your favourite Level Up Housemate on Mobile, Web, and the MyDStv or MyGOtv apps. Watch the show live on the 24-hour channels 198 on DStv and 29 on GOtv. Fans across Africa and the UK can sign up on the streaming service Showmax. Make sure you don't miss anything from Biggie's world on our website and be part of the #BBNaija gist on Twitter, InstagramFacebook, and TikTok. Season 7 of Big Brother Naija is sponsored by headline sponsor Pocket app and associate sponsor Flutterwave.