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Day 24: Unique stories with Darling – BBNaija

17 August 2021
Get ready for some head-turning and heart-stopping moments tonight.
BBNaija Unique Stories

The Housemates received a new brief from Darling this evening. Read on to see what's in store for them. 

The Brief

Dear Housemates,

Welcome to your Darling “My Hair Story” task!

Over the last few years, Darling has successfully established herself as a trendy brand helping African women find their beautiful with amazing looking hair.

Your task today is to create unique Hair stories using darling hairstyles to portray the Black Girl as Bold, Daring, Unstoppable and Beautiful, while also showing how a queen’s magic is incomplete without a Darling Hair on.

To carry out this task, you will be required to play in teams. The team names for today are Team Crochet, Team Braids Team Empress and Team Natural. Each group must consist of the following personalities:

  1. The Models - All members of each team
  2. The Storyteller – one female member of each team
  3. The Stylists - All the gentlemen in each team.

To determine your teammates for today, male housemates must proceed to pick one name card each from the box labelled "Male", while the female housemates will pick from the box labelled "Female". Housemates who pick identical team names will form team members for today.

The task has also been broken down into two stages: The first stage is called Find Your Beautiful which will happen in the salon. You are to create a unique hair story using Darling hairstyles. Your hair story must show how Darling Hair gives the black queen confidence to be unstoppable.

As a team, you will also be required to rehearse a fashion dance routine with the Darling Black Girl Magic theme song, which will be played for you intermittently after you have finished styling your hair.

The second part will be the presentation stage in the arena but more on that later.

For now, you may proceed to the storeroom to collect your customised Darling Boxes containing your outfits and the tools you will need for the task. There is a separate box containing various wigs and attachments. Each team may choose what to use based on their team’s inspiration. You may also utilise the items in the salon to creatively execute this task.

You have 90 minutes to style your hair in the salon and 30 minutes to rehearse your dance routine. The song will come on after the 90 minutes allocated for your hair styling have elapsed.

Every member of each team is expected to be actively involved in this activity, as it determines the outcome of the overall task.

Yours truly,

Big Brother.

It's Darling time!

After dividing into teams and gearing up, the Housemates are set to prepare for their task. They were given 90 minutes to get their hairstyles and unique stories ready as they wait for their second brief of the night which touches on the presentation. 

The second phase of the task was simply called “BLACK GIRL MAGIC” and it featured three different activities:

  1. The storytelling – each team had to nominate a representative who would introduce the team and give a short narration of their hair story. The representative had to explain how a black queen’s magic is incomplete without a Darling Hair on. The story had to also highlight how the hairstyles they had on made the team Bold, Unstoppable, Daring & a Fashionista.
  2. The modelling – All team members will model and showcase their hairstyles in a fashion walk of fame before taking their positions for the fashion dance routine.
  3. The dance performance - All team members will perform their choreographed routine.

Each team’s presentation was not to exceed 10 minutes. They were provided Darling dungarees to match their cool hairstyles. Each team gave it their all telling unique stories that related their looks and the theme of the evening. After delivering successful performances despite a few hiccups with Team Crotchet who were reprimanded by Biggie for being late.

The results were eventually collated, judged by the criteria which included originality, timing management and teamwork and the Tasks’ winner was Team Braids which included Liquorose, Yousef, JMK, Queen and Michael. They will each be receiving the sum of seven hundred and fifty thousand Naira (N750, 000).

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