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We binged, now we reminisce

31 July 2019
As the true entertainment architects that we are, we had to go back in time and relive those cringeworthy moments.
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We’re well into the second part of the year and it would be a complete understatement to say that the entertainment world brought us much to cringe about and a whole lot more to tweet about.

While we’ve had to wave ‘adios’ to some of our coolest productions, we’re certainly stuck with those epic one-liners that when piled together, are a perfect silhouette of our ‘screen lives’. Now, because we’re well plugged and love it when you tag along, we bring the top 10 (in no particular order) moments that had us… We mean literally had us!

1. The last word is yours, but the laugh is mine

Battleground and Hush are arguably the most riveting African television servings since sliced bread but it’s the merger, Battleground Final showdown that got us mad at NEPA. We’ll definitely need an addition to the traditional alphabets just to delve into the Tonugo and Bhadmus feuds; but it was Hadiza’s final laugh grin while Adaora had a loaded gun to her head that threw us off a few states. Contrary to our expectations, Hadiza was too great to beg for mercy and death was to her a mere calling. We stan you hear? We stan!

2. Our fave joins our other faves

We’re totally head over heels for the fine members of the Falz founded ‘Sweet boy’s association’ and just like you, couldn’t leave the living room when our fave broke ‘Lagosians’ got their Hustle on. Now imagine the above merged. Local women are so pleased abi!
BBNaija Alumnus, Tobi Bakre’s Hustle debut not only had us ladies thinking that our thirst would be quenched, but we were certain that by this time in the next life, we’d be pregnant and married… to him.

3. The yes, the ring and the after party

Roses are red, violets are blue , some women will get the ring, and some with age trying. Mean abi?! Having been titled ‘best wedding bashers’ on the African continent, Nigerians continue to deliver, deliver, deliver; and because we’re ‘entertainment capitalists’, we brought you Naija’s very own rendition of Our Perfect Wedding and boy was it a serving.  
from the attires all the way down to the matrimonial atelier, it was an actual auction and we were sold to the gentleman in the back… with a diamond ring in his pocket. * wink *

4.   That sweet breeze of village innocence

Just when we thought we’d have to wave goodbye to the amazing primetime television vibes, the gods delivered Halita on a golden platter with a touch of abundance; and while we were totally lost in storyline euphoria, Rabi’s unforthcoming saleswoman behaviour stole our vibes.
Camouflaged in ‘holy Samaritan’, she took Halita and bartered her for extra pocket change.
If wickedness was a person abi!

5. Wetin this feeling be eh?

We’ve all been in complicated ‘I hate that I love you’ situationships and though we lived to tell the tale, Eboh Doregos’ own is a painful wedgie abi. This woman was literally Forbidden’s Alpha and omega; unboxed and simply impossible to measure. We loved her for her relentless motherly spirit, but then hated her for the killing sprees, loved her for discipling his evil brother, then hated her of Doyin’s death. Isss too much! 9-lived cats have nothing on this fierce feline empress.

With all that we gathered for this list, 10 was just ‘teeew’ big a piece to bite. Stay tuned for the other piece of this delicious pie.

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