Season 8 strip

Day 39 – 31 Aug: – Life-changing advice for GenZ Baddie! – BBNaija

31 August 2023
House guest Lucy and Neoenergy took Ilebaye into their corner for a doze of life skills.

Neoenergy and Lucy became accidental mentors today as they both dropped some game-changing advice to GenZ Baddie, Ilebaye. They shared insights into modern business and friendship dynamics that will be useful to Ilebaye outside the Big Brother house.

Advice exchange
In a heart-to-heart conversation, Lucy dropped a piece of reality-infused wisdom on Ilebaye. She stressed the importance of maintaining ties with both old friends and current companions. For GenZ Baddie, these connections are more than just social lifelines; they are potential business promoters. Neoenergy, not one to let a learning opportunity pass, went further by probing Ilebaye about her financial backing. The revelation that her parents support her ignited Neoenergy's entrepreneurial spirit, and he encouraged her to focus on building her own clothing brand.

Power of financial independence
Neoenergy's advice to Ilebaye goes beyond the walls of the Big Brother house. His words emphasize the importance of carving one's path in the world. In a world where depending solely on external support can lead to complacency, Neoenergy's call for financial independence serves as a reminder that self-made success is the sweetest.
In the Big Brother All Stars season, where games are strategic and alliances are forged and shattered, the wisdom shared by Neoenergy and Lucy with GenZ Baddie, Ilebaye, goes beyond the realm of the show. As the GenZ Baddie continues her journey, the seeds of business acumen and friendship dynamics planted within the house might just blossom into a thriving future.

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