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Who’s at our Christmas dinner party? – Zambezi Magic

24 November 2021
With the Christmas holidays around the corner, we can’t help but dream about having dinner with our faves this year!
Our Zambezi Magic Christmas Guestlist

We are allowed to occasionally drift away and daydream about what it would be like to sit down with some of the characters that have kept us glued to our Zambezi Magic screens. How would it feel to have some of our own A-listers over to enjoy a delicious festive meal? What questions would we ask and how much laughing would be doing compared to the eating? ? 

Queen Thandiwena from Ubuntu 

Who would not want to have royalty such as this at their table? We can already see it. She would have the main seat because Thandiwena is the Queen, of course, and we would serve her meal first, after asking her to tell us about her time in King Katumba’s prison.  

Elder Bridget Kambombe of Kweza 

Next to the Queen would be Bridget Kambombe, one of the Council of Elders in the business reality tv show, Kweza. She would be looking stunning in one of her lovely chitambalas matched with a vibrant outfit, asking us all the important questions about life, giving us fresh ideas for our businesses and sharing expert guidance on what we need to meet our goals in the coming year. 

Moses from Mpali 

After failing to find love with Tionenji, we would love to see Moses at our table just so we can comfort him as he goes through heartbreak. After being blamed for Tio’s pregnancy and being attacked by Logic, he deserves to enjoy a break from all the drama in his life.  

Bana Mumbi from Shi Mumbi 

We all know Bana Mumbi would love to spend some time with us enjoying delicacies, away from her unfaithful husband. However, there is no doubt that her husband Rex would be lingering somewhere in the background spying on her. What would she wear? Would she get out of her comfort zone and rock some bright Christmas inspired make up, or should we leave that to Belinda who has trademarked the look? 

Mr. Phiri from Landlady meets Landlord 

Mr. Phiri loves food – and where there is food, Uncle Phiri will find himself there. We wouldn’t make the mistake of forgetting to invite him for a share of our grilled chicken. We also know that the next day, the tenants would definitely hear about it, and our dinner would be the talk of the town for the next year! We would just need to make sure we pack some leftovers for him to take back home and share with his wife and perhaps, Mum Lizzie. We hope those tasty leftovers arrive at their intended destination in one piece! 

This would be one interesting Christmas party but for now, all we can do is enjoy our faves from the TV screen every week on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Channel 5.