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The best lessons learned this year – #BestOf21

31 December 2021
If there are things we can take away from the year 2021, ‘lessons learned’ make it to the very top of the list.
Best of 21 lessons learned

Life has taken many turns this year, leaving us with different feelings and experiences to remember. This has been no different with the lives we religiously sit down to watch, every single day right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.

There are a few lessons (or ten) that we picked up from some of our beloved characters’ lives, which are important to reflect on as we enter a brand new year.

Shupiwe’s decision-making, Zuba’s love life and Hambe’s irresponsible behaviour are some memorable ones. One thing’s for sure; we do not ever want to end up in similar situations!

Without further ado, here are some of the #BestOf21 lessons we learned on Zambezi Magic:

  1. Don’t buy a car from an untrusted source like Shupiwe did in Mpali. She ended up with a broken down car and no one to successfully confront about it. ?
  2. Don’t rush into marriage like Zuba did with Thando because your true life partner may be right there, watching out for you like Inspector Niko in Zuba.
  3. Zuba once again taught us that trust should not be freely given after we saw Mutinta making a great discovery that Mai Chidoti stole her baby Suwi 20 years ago and her “sister-wife”,  Lute was also behind Mutinta’s disappearance.
  4. Running a compound is not an easy job as we discovered in Landlady Meets Landlord with Lizzie and Tembo, who were constantly  caught up in fights with each other and the tenants.
  5. Don’t leave your wife for a woman who will mistreat you like we witnessed in Shi Mumbi. Rex is now trying by all means to return home to his wife Bana Mumbi, but wait until Belinda finds out!
  6. On Kweza, the Council of Elders taught us that businesses should have unique selling points that set them apart from their competition.
  7. All actions have consequences as we saw Hambe having to step up and take responsibility over Chola’s untimely pregnancy in Mpali. Through him we also learned that one cannot drown their problems away with alcohol. It only gets worse.
  8. All the couples on My Kitchen Party taught us that love has no limits and it grows where it likes! So, we encourage you to never fear “shooting your shot” as we will see others doing in the upcoming dating show, Wanilata.
  9. Tables turned and lessons were learned as Queen Thandiwena’s mother, Chawezi’s life taught us that things change, and royalty too can become another’s slave, on Ubuntu.
  10. Last but not least, Mungoma taught us about the importance of paying your taxes. Do you think the record label would have been facing closure if they followed protocol? We can only wait to find out.

These are some of the important lessons we learned from some of our most watched Zambezi Magic shows. We look forward to all the lessons that 2022 is bringing us through authentic Zambian entertainment. Don’t forget to submit your drama series proposal right here. Your story could also be the talk of the country, full of lessons to learn!

As the year kicks off, make sure you stay tuned to Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.