The #BestOf21 Zambezi Magic scenarios

25 December 2021
In 2021, there were many shocking, emotional, and funny situations which we could never imagine ourselves in!
Best of 21 Scenarios

Zambezi Magic took us on a blissful stroll across the country with exciting TV shows that kept us glued to our screens and buzzing away about the stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Many of you could never imagine being in some of the crazy situations the characters found themselves in. Some of you mentioned how several scenarios were a true reflection of real life in Zambia.

The conversations made us wonder which direction you would take if you found yourself in one of the worlds of Zambezi Magic. Could it be Mpali? Probably Zuba? Which character’s shoes would you love to walk in just for a day?

We would like to find out what you think of the Zambezi Magic characters’ lives in 2021.

Go ahead and play the Zambezi Magic polls game below.

BestOf21 poll
#BestOf21 Scenarios 1

You are Suwi and you just found out Mutinta is your real mother, you will:

Celebrate and reunite with your long-lost family.50%
Acknowledge it but remain with Mai Chidoti as your mother.40%
Pack up your bags and move out of the country.10%
BestOf21 poll
#BestOf21 Scenarios 2

If you could be one of Nguzu’s wives, who would you be?

BestOf21 poll
#BestOf21 Scenarios 3

What would you do if you were Shi Mumbi?

Return to Bana Mumbi.86%
Leave Bana Mumbi alone and go for Belinda.0%
Try to marry both Belinda and Rose.14%
BestOf21 poll
#BestOf21 Scenarios 4

Is Zuba making the right choice by marrying Niko?

Yes. They should be together.54%
No. Zuba should continue standing by Thando’s side. 0%
Zuba is making a mistake and must take some time out for herself. 46%
BestOf21 poll
#BestOf21 Scenarios 5

Who is the funniest in Lizzy’s house?

Fridah, always praying for others.54%
Mr. Phiri, who loves booze.31%
Malume Mokolo giving Lizzy and Tembo a headache.15%
BestOf21 poll
#BestOf21 Scenarios 6

Will Alibaba eventually find his pot of gold?

No. Alibaba is too greedy. 62%
Yes. He is persistent and could run a successful business one day.38%
BestOf21 poll
#BestOf21 Scenarios 7

Is it fair for Lizzy and Tembo to chase Malume Mokolo back to the village?

Yes. He has overstayed his welcome.100%
No. Let Malume find a wife in the compound. 0%
BestOf21 poll
#BestOf21 Scenarios 8

Who would be on your team in a fight?

Alibaba, constantly getting a mob beating. 14%
Shupiwe with the threats and many words.71%
Rex and his karate moves.14%
BestOf21 poll
#BestOf21 Scenarios 9

Who would be the perfect leader for the Kingdom of Ubuntu?

Queen Thandiwena83%
King Katumba17%
BestOf21 poll
#BestOf21 Scenarios 10

Now that Chola and Chibale are both pregnant, what should Hambe do?

He must take Chola in as a second wife.50%
Chola should go back to her family’s home.38%
Chibale should leave since she was plotting against Hambe’s family.13%

We hope you enjoyed these fun polls. It’s always a special thing to reflect on memories and most of us are doing a lot of reflecting this festive season.

Make sure you stay tuned into Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5 for top Zambian entertainment as we close off the year 2021!