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Shupiwe meets Lute: A spectacular Zambezi Magic Crossover!

24 May 2022
You asked for it and you got it! Here’s how Lute and Shupiwe’s much-anticipated and unexpected meet up is going.
Shupiwe meets Lute

The Zuba and Mpali show crossover has been one for the books as two of our Zambezi Magic favourite characters accidentally crossed paths in an unexpected, yet hilarious incident. If you missed it, no worries! Click here to watch this spectacular episode on Showmax.

Firstly, if you caught this special episode of Zuba on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5, you will remember how Shupiwe made the mistake of sending K10,000 to Lute and she is now failing dismally to get her money back, even though there is proof! The two women already share a lot in common, from their outspoken and strong-willed natures to the fact that they believe they are their polygamous husbands’ most-adored wives. ?

Many of us were taken by surprise when the two alpha females started shaking tables (and huts) in each other’s lives and we wonder where their war of words is going to take them. It is already a matter under police investigation but best believe, someone there has the ability to take the other to court! The police still have a lot of work to do and we hope the case is closed before someone’s house burns down.

After reading many of your excited comments on Zambezi Magic’s official social media pages, we have no doubt Shupiwe and Lute’s accidental meetup was fate. Question is, where will the two women find themselves once the storm is over? Friends for life, of enemies for good? ?

Here is a fun series of polls below. Let us know what would you do if you were in any of the involved parties’ shoes.

Shupiwe meets Lute
Shupiwe Meets Lute 1

What would you do if you were in Lute’s shoes?

I would have kept the money to myself quietly without raising any alarm.58%
No one disrespects me! I would teach Shupiwe never to make a mistake like this again.0%
I would kindly share the K10,000 with my sister-wife Sandra for back up, when Shupiwe comes after her money.42%
Shupiwe meets Lute
Shupiwe Meets Lute 2

What would you do if you were in Shupiwe’s shoes?

I’d fight until I get all my money back (with interest)!36%
I’d leave the matter for the police to handle, but Lute has to end up behind bars. 36%
Gather my fellow Nguzu wives to protest in Lute’s compound until she pays back the full amount.27%
Shupiwe meets Lute
Shupiwe Meets Lute 3

What would you do if you were in the police’s shoes?

We will consider taking Shupiwe’s word as truth and immediately arrest Lute.64%
Arrest both ladies for verbal assault against one another.27%
Leave the case for the noisy women to resolve alone. We have bigger fish to fry! 9%
Shupiwe meets Lute
Shupiwe Meets Lute 4

What would you do if you were in Mainza’s shoes?

I would deny all the gifts Lute got me with the money she accidentally received from Shupiwe.43%
I would help the police arrest Lute (it’s not the first time anyways). 29%
I would protect Lute and what’s left of the Moonos reputation in the village.29%
Shupiwe meets Lute
Shupiwe Meets Lute 5

What would you do if you were in Sandra’s shoes?

I would keep the money accident a secret and bribe her to keep me quiet about it.50%
I would report her to our husband Mainza and help with her arrest to gain “wife-y” points.50%
I would defend my fellow wife from Shupiwe’s threats. No one dare come to the Moonos with drama.0%
Shupiwe meets Lute
Shupiwe Meets Lute 6

Who will be coming out of this predicament smiling?

None of the above50%

Make sure you stay tuned to this fantastic storyline on Zuba every Monday to Friday at 20:00, right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.