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End of Mpali Season 2: Where to from here?

30 March 2020
Press release announcing the end of Mpali Season 2 as well as Nkhani Ya Mpali



Viewers have enjoyed a rollercoaster experience of the journey of polygamist and millionaire- Nguzu attempt to contain the feud and bickering between his seven wives whilst fighting to win back the woman that he loves the most, Mwiza, who is threatening to divorce him.

As we draw closer to the season finale of Zambia’s most loved telenovela, viewers will find themselves riddled with questions on whether the wives will leave Nguzu for good; whether Nguzu will keep his promise of giving the wives an equal share of the farm to maintain peace; whether Mwanida will keep the farm house and whether Nguzu will ever walk again!

“Mpali Season 2 has been received positively by viewers and we are proud to announce that, yes- the show will continue into its third season with an even bigger and better storyline” said Mosibudi Pheeha, Channel Head of Zambezi Magic.

Viewers are encouraged to stay glued to their screens as more drama is unleashed from the leading storyteller on the market. Pheeha further mentioned that from 1st April 2020, Zambezi Magic will be airing a 10-part special edition of the show entitled “Nkhani Ya Mpali”, which consequently addresses the questions many viewers may have about the dynamics of the twists and turns of the show.

“We are cognizant of the discussions that are transpiring, and we monitor our platforms with a fine-tooth comb to leave no stone unturned for the viewer” said Pheeha who further announced that there will be a seamless transition between Season 2 and Season 3 to ensure a flawless viewer experience.


Nkhani Ya Mpali will air from 1st of April till 16th of April at 20.30hrs exclusively on Zambezi Magic, DStv Channel 162.

About Nkhani Ya Mpali

Nkhani ya Mpali is a 10-part special edition derived from the Zambian hit telenovela, Mpali. The special edition episodes follow the stories of the wives as they narrate their journey as well as their experience of being in a polygamous marriage from their point of view. The wives have all been judged and slighted in living rooms and on social media platforms for betraying Nguzu. The much loved Logik, Hambe and Jairos will also be featured in these segments.


About Mpali

Mpali follows the story of Mr Nguzu, a polygamist married to seven women; Junza (the first wife), Mwiza (the second wife), Monde (the third wife), Tombi (the fourth wife), Shupiwe (the fifth wife, Tamara (the sixth wife) and lastly Nancy (the seventh wife). Jealousy and competition tears Nguzu’s household apart as the wives compete for his attention and affection.


Catch Mpali Season 3 every Monday-Thursday at 20.30hrs from the 20th of April on Zambezi Magic Channel 162.

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