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It’s Chola vs. Chilambe! – Mpali

30 June 2021
The battle for Hambe’s heart continues.
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Chola and Chilambe are always at each other’s throats, but a lot of you feel that this is Hambe’s fault. Is it? And most importantly, who are these two ladies? 


Chola has a baby with Hambe and at some point she was convinced that Hambe would marry her. She lives with her aunt and she is the one who has been helping her raise the baby. Chola has started visiting the farm frequently and Junza, Hambe’s mom loves having the baby over to the point of telling Chola that when she has weaned the baby from the breast, the baby should come and stay with her. This does not sit well with Chola because she wants to raise her baby herself. 


Chilambe is Hambe’s wife and she lives with him. She has been asking Hambe for them to start a family since forever and Hambe has been stalling and saying that he isn’t ready and that he already has a child. Chilambe always reminds him that the child Hambe has is not her own. She is Hambe’s confidante and advisor. Chilambe feels that Chola goes to the farm to get closer to Hambe and that Hambe needs to stop her from going to the farm. She feels as though Chola is using the baby to get her way. Hambe insists that there’s nothing he can do stop her and that this is the mother of his child. 

Here’s what we think could happen next: 

Chilambe, Chola and Hambe

Hambe could follow in Nguzu’s footsteps and take a second wife. This would mean he has to have his child close to him and the two ladies could learn to live together and maybe even like each other in the long run. 

Chilambe and Hambe

The rift between them could get bigger and Chilambe could end up leaving Hambe because he does not want to assert boundaries with Chola. 

Chola and Hambe

They could end up falling for each other again. The visits to the farm could end up resulting in an affair and the two of them getting closer, as Chilambe fears they will. Bonding over the baby could cause feelings to develop. 

Let us know what you think. 

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