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Here’s your Zambezi Magic Showmax must-watch list

25 January 2022
Showmax has made it all easy for you to watch your favorite Zambezi Magic shows on the move!
Zambezi Magic Showmax watchlist

Many of you have been searching for different ways to enjoy your beloved Zambezi Magic shows and we are excited to say it has now become easier to do this with a simple subscription to the Showmax digital streaming service. 

You’re no longer bound to your home, especially your TV room to enjoy the most recent threats and trouble blazing the Nguzu plantation in Mpali. It’s also much easier now to catch up on the all the marital dramas facing the Moonos, Sosalas and Gawas in Zuba.  

To jumpstart your Zambezi Magic bingeing experience, here are three shows you have to add to your Showmax must-watch list:

Mpali S4

Everyone loves Mpali and we are all keen to see how Nguzu deals with his wives’ drama now that he is prioritising Tamara who recently cheated on him with Knox from campus. Nguzu could not have this happening to him, so he literally dealt with it by beating up Knox when he discovered him talking to Tamara on campus. If you missed out on this drama, worry not! Catch up on all previous episodes of Mpali on Showmax by clicking here.

Zuba S5

Families have been multiplying in Zuba with the new year’s most spoken about storyline being Niko and Zuba’s marriage and their new life together. It has been interesting to watch them navigating some societal realities of overcoming challenges in blended families. If you missed out on Vinny’s recent request to create boundaries between baby Mutinta and Niko, click here and stream the episode on Showmax.

Makofi S2

Anna is back and this time she has returned with an apology for Moses and a stronger desire to dominate the boxing ring. During her time away from Lusaka, she went to perform a ritual to seek for protection during her boxing games. Moses is alive and well, ready to host the championship which he calls Anna a great contender for. If you want to catch up on Makofi as the game gets tougher, click here to watch on Showmax.

If you are in the mood for a good laugh, click here to stream season one of Uncle Limbani as we prepare to dive into the second season of the comedy starting on 4 February 2022 at 20:30hrs. With season three of Amooye hitting our screens too, click here for quick recap on Showmax of the last season’s finale episode to catch up on why and how Mutale, Noni, and Wiza find themselves in more life and love challenges.

For easy access to all your favourite Zambezi Magic shows on the go and at your own time, make sure you subscribe to Showmax today!