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Snakes and Ladders


Welcome to the village of Ubuntu

20 May 2021
Here’s everything you need to know about the hot new show coming to #OneZed this May!
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If you love yourself a good drama with a plot that has as many twists and turns as a beautifully-crafted bantu knot (hello, Africa Month 🌍✊🏽), then this is the show for you. Keen to bite into this juicy piece of great television? Read on!

Vying for the throne

We find ourselves in the village of Ubuntu. Chief Mukango is sick; so this means someone needs to ascend the throne should the chief pass on. As expected where power is on the menu, there are people who feel they deserve that seat – and are willing to go to any lengths to secure their interests.

Here are some of the names to look out for as the chieftaincy battle heats up.

Chief Mukango

He is the chief of the village of Ubuntu. He is very sick and he has to name the heir to the throne before something happens to him.

Uncle Tachimba

Tachimba’s father was the chief before Chief Mukango took over the position. Tachimba was young at the time and went to school in the city. He believes he is the rightful heir to the throne.

Princess Thandiwena

She is the daughter of Chief Mukango and Queen Chawezi. She has to return to the village because her father is sick. Thandiwena will go through a lot and make many discoveries in Ubuntu.

Queen Mother Chawezi

She is the queen and will do anything to protect the interests of her immediate family. She wants what’s best for her daughter Thandiwena and has a lot of secrets that she can’t risk being exposed.

Who will succeed the throne? Find out when Ubuntu premieres on 24 May at 21:30hrs on #OneZed DStv CH 172 and GOtv CH 8.