Let kindness reign

31 August 2021
The spirit of ubuntu speaks to the act of humanity. It comes from the need to help your fellow man even they don’t ask for it.

This means every person has an element of godliness in him or her and ubuntu is a philosophical concept that accepts that all mankind is one integrated whole.


For many years, we have been educated about ubuntuusually from the elders. As Africans, the first thing we learned before we could even speak, was ubuntu. The idea of a village raising a child is not a myth but centuries-old lifestyle. Growing up, we were never alone because the entire village was our family and this is where the spirit of ubuntubegan for us. 


The show Ubuntualso tries to explain in picture what every day ubuntu looks like. From helping a neighbour sort out a small problem; to giving your bus seat to an elderly person. It’s the little acts of kindness, empathy, and compassion that we do every day for others that truly defines ubuntu.



However, the world we live in now makes it very hard to exercise ubuntu. Neighbours can live behind very high walls making it harder for people to borrow sugar and exchange gossip. The pandemic has made it more challenging to help a sick neighbour over fear of infection. 


But it is up to us to make sure we preserve the little spirit of ubuntuwe have left. Therefore, it has become imperative for the youth to preserve ubuntubecause without it, the future will be very impersonal and disconnected. 


Share a few examples of ubuntuin your community, how it has changed the people around you and how it encourages a better future among the youth. These are the stories we like to hear.


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