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Snakes and Ladders


Most unforgettable moments this month on OneZed

30 October 2022
In case you missed them, here are 12 things that happened on OneZed this October!

  1. The Grandmaster returned to the Copperbelt of Zambia, and he is shaking everything up for the people of the mining town in Snakes and Ladders.
  2. As season four of Landlady Meets Landlord ended, we witnessed Zelipa arranging an exorcism for her lover, Malume Makolo, which was a failure.  
  3. Matthew Sakuwaha was caught between a rock and a hard place when Caroline begged him for a job at SFH in Zuba.
  4. In Mpali, Shupiwe was seen fighting for her marriage to Nguzu. We are starting to think that Shupiwe is the only woman who truly loves Nguzu.
  5. In’gutu panicked about getting the love of her life Vinny arrested in Zuba.
  6. Thando confessed to Angelina about who his true love is in Zuba. This came after a deep conversation with his younger sister Natasha, who told him to follow his heart.

  1. Landlady Meets Landlord season five started with a bang as we saw Laban and Jabes starting to gang up on poor Mr Phiri in Lizzie’s absence.
  2. In Mpali, Mwiza discovered Mwanida’s secret engagement ring and it’s safe to say wedding bells are ringing! Stay tuned to see how Mwanida and Frank build a new life together.
  3. Bupe lied to Joshua that she was pregnant, and Suwi managed to debunk this theory in Zuba.
  4. Hambe was ready to introduce Chibale to his mother, but Chibale was not ready to take the relationship to the next level in Mpali.
  5. In Zuba, Lute started a business and Kasonde has been closely involved in this new venture in the village.
  6. In Landlady Meets Landlord Lizzie has been in prison, but her stay there has not been entirely unpleasant as she is fully catered for by her new love interest, the detective.
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