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Martha and Moses Anusa Chola – OPWZambia

31 January 2019
 Jealousy sometimes stems from true love, as both Martha and Moses got to find out
martha and moses Anusa-chola opwzambia

Moses Anusa Chola and Martha Nyendwa first met when fate played a calculated chance on them. They were both stranded at the same bus stop waiting for a bus to get home and when a bus showed up, they were the only two people the bus was willing to pick.

This chance meeting saw them both exchange numbers and stay in touch and shortly after that night, they started dating. While planning their future together, Martha got deployed to a different city and the distance stirred up some jealousy between the two.

At the peak of his jealousy, Moses tore up Martha’s qualifications and this lead to a police case being opened against him and he got arrested and spent 5 days in a police cell. The arresting officer explained to Moses the ramifications of his case and what his recourse was. This situation and the involvement of both families saw the couple reconcile their differences and get back together without telling their families. After 5 months of dating again, the couple informed their families that they were back together and ready to get married.

With the wedding date finally here, the love between Moses and Martha was put on display for everyone to see and the calmness that prevailed during their troubled times has culminated into this beautiful celebration.


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