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Date My Family Zambia had us Januworried

28 January 2020
A review of the month of January in love

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Natalie was happy to be the 'chosen one' AT FIRST!

But, she quickly realised that she didn't love that he wore 'straight caps', that he was short, and certainly not that his conversation was coloured with sexual innuendo. Ultimately, Natalie confessed that she didn't see herself and our suitor as a match

Verdict: Bust👎
(Sad because even their outfits were matching)

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When Mapalo first laid eyes on Doris, his reaction was 'WOW'; he couldn't keep his eyes off of her! Doris in turn, thought him the perfect gentleman. She even looked at his being a mama's boy as a strong positive. 

So far so good right?

Well, not so fast! Fast forward to the end of the date, and our bachelor admits that he found her 'a little boring'?! It's no wonder that she considered that he might 'forget' to ask for her number.

Verdict: It's a maybe❓

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Tina, Tina, Tina.
A spicy, fun-loving, sexy lady who was clearly a shock to our bachelor's system.

This alcohol-guzzling, tattoo spotting, weed smoking, self proclaimed wild child was paired with conservative Chabula. A non-drinker, with conservative values and highly academic.

Verdict: Bust 👎
(Or alternatively, opposites attract?) 

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