Our favourite Zambezi Magic couples

08 November 2021
Life is so much better when love is shared and expressed.
Our Favorite Zambezi Magic Love Stories (1)

With Zambezi Magic gearing up for a brand-new dating reality show called Wanilata (click here to enter) – it’s safe to say we’ve got love on the brain!

Every day is an opportunity to celebrate love, and on some, if not most of our favourite shows, this is true. Despite all the rollercoasters our favourite couples may go through in life, love always wins. Look at Mainza and Mutinta on Zuba who rekindled their love after she went missing for 20 years! 

We would like to take this opportunity to share and appreciate a few couples who keep the fire burning on screen. There could a lesson or two that we can pick up from some of these inspiring love stories. 

Rex and Belinda

As much as we see the dysfunction between this pair, one can’t deny Rex and Belinda’s contagious, comical love on Shi Mumbi. ? While Rosemary, Rex’s wife wonders where he has disappeared to, Belinda makes sure that Rex doesn’t treat her like an extra but the real deal by demanding money and attention. Maybe it’s time for Rex to officially bring her on board as a second wife or let his long-suffering wife finally rest with the prospect of finding new love. Do you know someone who is risking it all for love like this? 

Malume and Lizzy

Has anyone ever gone above and beyond to make sure that you are comfortable? Now picture this: A man making sure his imprisoned lover is fully catered for. This is what we saw recently on Landlady Meets Landlady. Lizzy, the apple of Malume’s eye needed all his attention and he made sure to give it to her during her prison stay. Talk about loyalty and commitment in one of the most unexpected places!

Esther and Chaka

Esther and Chaka’s love story is one for the books – and we’re so happy this inspiring couple took us along for the ride when they made their way to the alter via their beautiful wedding special. Although they are private, we’re glad they opened up their hearts to us so we could all bear witness to their unforgettable wedding. We know we’re not the only ones who cried tears as we witnessed Esther and Chaka say ‘I Do’. We also really loved this pre-wedding game Esther and Chaka played exclusively for our website. Check it out below.

We also can’t get enough of the beautiful love stories we are served weekly on Our Perfect Wedding and My Kitchen Party. We get to witness two people who are willing to take their love lives to the next level, watching their journeys until they seal the deal. 

With our eagerly-anticipates show Wanilata coming up, we would like to challenge you to take the leap of faith and go after the one who makes your heart skip a beat. In the spirit of sharing and expressing love, we have made it easier for  you to shoot your shot.

If you have a crush on someone but are too scared to let them know, worry not! We can help you start the conversation with them on this brand-new dating show Wanilata.

We can’t wait to help you share and find love like the awesome Zambezi Magic couples that light up our screens!