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#BestOf21 Wedding Dresses – One Zed

11 December 2021
This year, we witnessed the creation of unions and we stan the stunning dresses the brides adorned themselves in.
Best of 2021 Wedding dresses

It has been such bliss watching perfect weddings unfold here on One Zed, from glimpses into the planning until the BIG day. We can’t deny that we were kept entertained and equally inspired by the work the bride and groom put into their wedding day.

One of these important works that everybody including the bride and groom look forward to is the wedding dress. In this year’s case, some brides had two dresses: one for the church and one for the reception. Of course, a bride wants to be beautiful and comfortable on one of the most important days of her life. Why not have an outfit change?

We put together some of the wedding dresses that caught our eyes this year!

Here are the #BestOf21 wedding dresses of One Zed:

Bertha (OPW Zambia Season 1 Episode 3)

It took a while for Bertha to find her perfect wedding dress and when she found it, she knew it was the one. She wanted a ball gown with a touch of bling and that’s what she eventually got for the first dress she wore to the church ceremony. The dress for the reception caught her new husband’s eye and he expressed that he loved seeing her in the body-hugging dress which also had a touch of bling.


Rachel (OPW Zambia Season 1 Episode 6)

Rachel was so confident about her vision for the dress and she made sure that it was executed perfectly. She picked one dress and had it customised by adding of ruffles to the bottom. Her desire was to show off her shoulders which she believes are one of her best features and it’s no lie! She looked lovely and breathtaking in her dress choices.


Diana (OPW Zambia Season 1 Episode 7)

With a contagious and joyous personality, Diana went through a stressful wedding day morning but she pushed through the stress clothed in an elegant ball gown with sleeves attached to respect the order of the church ceremony. Her plan was to long like a princess at the afternoon and a queen in the evening. The bride certainly understood the assignment because there was a splash of royalty all over her and her husband Panji during the reception. Have a look at that grace in the image below.


Chola (OPW Zambia Season 1 Episode 11)

Chola made a stunning bride and she left her new husband Pikinini breathless. The wedding had its own ups and downs but these didn’t stop her from shining through her stunning wedding dress. The dress didn’t come easily as she had some prior dress drama with a surprise separate cost for the underskirt. All worked well in the end when the dress fit her perfectly as she always dreamed of and her sister even dropped a few tears after seeing her.


Francia (OPW Zambia Season 1 Episode 13)

Without a doubt, Francia made sure to have the perfect dresses to match her vibrant personality and she stood out next to her groom who was also in white. She said it took her months to find and she eventually settled for the “fanciest” wedding dress by Fay Designs. The plan was for her to be in a traditional dress and to look like a princess as her mother wished. The second dress for the reception was not any less of a stunner and we must say, she left a mark on the season.


There you have it One Zed Fam, our #BestOf21 Wedding dresses!

If we have missed any dress that caught your eye, let us about know your #BestOf21 wedding dresses in the comment section on One Zed official social media pages.