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Wrapping up Season three of Shi Mumbi

25 March 2022
Here are some of the Shi Mumbi Season 3 memories we will hold onto forever!
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If you are a big fan of Zambezi Magic comedy, by now you know that one of your favourite comedies, Shi Mumbi has come to an end of its third season – and of course, there are many reasons why we are sad about this!

Shi Mumbi was not only part of the fantastic weekend kickoff on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5. The show’s hilarious characters easily became virtual members of our own extended family, and we excitedly couldn’t wait to watch them on Friday nights. We will certainly miss Belinda’s wigs, the in-law drama between Shi Mumbi and Ba Mayo and Bana Mumbi’s sweet and forgiving heart.  

Here is what we enjoyed on Shi Mumbi Season 3:

  1. We loved the way Rex spoke English, which was backed up by his alleged experience in Europe.
  2. There’s no doubt that Rex loves all things German! Cars, the life, the women. He claims to be very familiar with the culture too.
  3. We will never forget the time Ba Mayo reminded all of us about our lovely grandmothers back in the village when Bana Mumbi and Shi Mumbi paid her a surprise visit in Kapiri.
  4. Did you know that Rex apparently took a one week “KGB course” and he has friends who are part of the CIA? Frankly, no one should try messing with him, or else…?
  5. Do you remember when Belinda claimed the “man of the house” title and renamed Rex “Rihanna”? Until this point, we were still not sure what Rex saw in Belinda as he continued to unfairly treat his wife at home. Click here to watch this hilarious moment!
  6. We learned that you can’t get away with offending your in-laws when Shi Mumbi had to apologise to his in-laws for his unruly behaviour towards their daughter.
  7. Our ribs were cracking the time Officer Darlington joined forces with Belinda to destroy Bana Mumbi and Shi Mumbi’s relationship. If you missed this “marriage interference”, click here to watch.
  8. Shi Mumbi’s Valentine’s Day gift mix-up is one worth remembering! The most important question we had was, “Why were the gifts in similar packaging?” Click here to watch how Bana Mumbi and Belinda ended up receiving each other’s gifts by mistake.

We would love to know which one of these Shi Mumbi moments were your favourite in Season 3. Rate your most memorable moment below!

Your reactions have been the cherry on top when it comes to expressing love for the Shi Mumbi characters. 

Stay plugged in for more local comedy right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.