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#BestOf22: 15 tragedies and moving moments – Zambezi Magic

03 December 2022
Here are some of the Zambezi Magic moments that made us shed a few tears this year.
Best of 2022

Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5 is the home of pure entertainment. As we enter the festive season and close off the year, we would like to look back at some of the moments we felt sad and touched by what our TV favourites were going through. It’s not always sunshine and roses but we love to see how characters deal with their life experiences.

Here are 15 tragedies and moving moments we’ll remember from this year:

  1. When Nguzu’s seventh wife Nancy died. We all symphathised with how Nguzu missed her, as he tried to move on in Mpali.
  2. The moment it was too late for Phingiwe to turn back from her decision to kill Jaden in Zuba.
  3. RIP to Noni who was killed in the name of love by Ntaz in Amooye.
  4. When Naomi was killed in Mungoma. We can only wonder if the record label will ever rise again.
  5. When Chibale almost died during childbirth, while her husband Hambe was in prison in Mpali. It almost ended in tears when she tried to take her life due to postpartum depression.
  6. When Cephas was kidnapped and locked up by his father in Mpali.
  7. The night Thando died shook the walls in the Sosala household and in Zuba’s life. This was a life-changing moment for everyone including Niko who was left in a wheelchair in Zuba.
  8. When Suwi tried to end her life after struggling with the guilt of killing Luwi. We have heard that love can make people do crazy things, but we didn’t know it would end this way in Zuba.
  9. When Sandra lost her unborn baby and spiralled from the grief in Zuba.
  10. When Limbani found out that Gertrude had been married to another man in Uncle Limbani.
  11. When Bukata was faced with the dilemma of picking a new husband after her husband’s death. Tradition had her caught up in a tumult of confusion, betrayal, and hopelessness in Chokolo
  12. When Janet became homeless after Phingiwe kicked her out for claiming to be pregnant with Thando’s child in Zuba.
  13. The day Tionenji gave away baby Hope to strangers. We had never seen Shupiwe in such distress looking for her granddaughter in Mpali.
  14. The time when Queen Thandiwena had to take care of a burning kingdom while she was grieving her son Kasongo’s death in Ubuntu.
  15. A special mention for all the dates that never had a happy ending in Wanilata. We are looking forward to the new season coming up in the new year!

These are some of the moments that we took personally in 2022 and we are curious to see what else Zambezi Magic has in store in the coming year.

Stay tuned into the best African entertainment, right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5