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Thrilling Zambezi Magic drama Mungoma returns for season 3 in June!

11 May 2022
Viewers are in for a treat, as Mungoma takes us on a journey of juju, deceit, manipulation, betrayal, broken promises, and blackmail.
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10 May 2022, Lusaka: If you thought the second season of Mungoma, the high stakes drama set in Lusaka’s rough music industry was thrilling, just wait until you tune into season 3.

Premiering on Zambezi Magic on Monday 13 June at 21h30, the riveting new episodes pick up where season 2 so dramatically left off, answering the question: what will happen to the biggest music label in Zambia – and all those invested in and affected by it – now that power couple Andrea and Naomi Zulu are no longer together?

Viewers are in for a treat, as the series – made by Upfront Media and executive produced by Jackson Ng’ambi Banda – takes us on a journey of juju, deceit, manipulation, betrayal, broken promises, and blackmail.

Zambezi Magic channel head Mosibudi Pheeha, says: “As the home of premium local entertainment, Zambezi Magic is proud to continue working with the best Zambian creators, to give our viewers shows that they not only love but can relate to. While a show like Mungoma might be set in an industry not many are closely familiar with, its themes are universal: it’s about belonging, legacy, family, striving for success and, of course, survival.

“As a channel, when we produce new shows or have new seasons of existing series, we are continuing to nourish our entertainment industry and to empower the people within it, not just economically, but creatively as well. It’s work that we’re not only proud of, but passionate about,” she concludes.

With a family torn apart and allyships being tested in Mungoma, will Andrea and Naomi find their way back to one another, or are they destined to be rivals? Who will come out on top to dominate Zambia’s treacherous music industry? How much further can they go when they find themselves against the ropes?

Tune into Mungoma season 3 from Monday 13 June on Zambezi Magic (DStv channel 172 and GOtv Supa channel 5) at 21h30, and every Monday to Wednesday thereafter, for your onscreen dose of delicious drama and devilish deceit.