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Traveling back in time – Mpali

26 July 2021
What would you say to younger self if given the chance?
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Hambe is conflicted and frustrated by the Chola and Chilambe situation. Nguzu has been giving him advise and told him that when he was younger, he wouldn’t have ever thought that he would be married with seven wives. Does Nguzu regret having seven wives? 

It almost sounds like if he could, he would go back and make different decisions. He has spent most of his adult life living a lie and we are only able to see in glimpses how this has affected him. He had to find out that his children were not his and that the people who he has built a life with and for, have lied to him. Ouch!

Life throws us some curveballs and doesn’t always go as planned. We’re pretty sure that a younger version of yourself would be shocked at how different you’ve turned out and how the things you thought were precious then, aren’t anymore. Guess that’s what everyone calls adulting.

We’ve come up with five things that we’d tell our younger selves if we had the opportunity to go back in time. 

1.    There’s always a better party. You can miss this one

2.    Appliances make your life easier

3.    Money really doesn’t grow on trees

4.    Just freeze everything. Even bread

5.    Give yourself permission to start over!

Give us a list of yours!

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