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Character of the month: Shupiwe – Zambezi Magic

28 February 2022
Here’s what Shupiwe has been up to this month!
Shupiwe Character of the month

It is an understatement to say Shupiwe from Mpali is one of Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5’s most loved characters, because she has been keeping the social media streets alight. 

For a woman living in a polygamous marriage, she is constantly faced with all types of drama you can imagine and she has also done some of the most unbelievable things to her fellow wives.

This month, we would like to take some time to reflect and recap on Nguzu’s fourth wife and her life on the farm.

  • Shupiwe caught Tamara flirting with Knox, her persistent suitor. Tamara thought this secret was safe, but the wrong person caught her in the middle of exchanging giggles and hugs with Knox. Shupiwe was determined to tell it all to Nguzu, but she reached somewhat of an agreement with Tamara, which led to one of the biggest surprises on the plantation; the famous Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Shupiwe also caught Albert secretly visiting Mwiza during the night and exposed her to their husband Nguzu. Unlike the time she caught Tamara, this time around, Shupiwe had a phone in her hands to capture some evidence. How many more secrets will she uncover from her fellow wives to save her husband from heartbreak?
  • Shupiwe received the best Valentine’s Day gift among her sister-wives. Nguzu got her the best car on the plot which left every other living soul there green with jealousy. The wives were also confused about why Nguzu would buy her a car better than his own. Monde even started using magic to get Nguzu to buy her a car too.
  • Shupiwe wants to drive with no license and Patrick refused to open the gate for her, convinced she will crash it. They had a heated argument about this but it seems like she is finally learning how to drive her new ride. Apart from learning how to drive, Nguzu was amused to find Shupiwe fast asleep in her new car one night!
  • Nguzu defended Shupiwe to all his other wives and told them why she, instead of them, deserved the “Ranger”. “Shupiwe deserves the best because she is hard working and she is loyal to Nguzu,” he said. She is clearly doing something right; her fellow wives should take some notes.
  • Shupiwe arranged for Tionenji to go back to the village. She could not wait to have her daughter leave with her mother who was also giving her marital advice while she was visiting.

You can also catch all of Shupiwe’s memorable moments from this month by streaming Mpali on Showmax. Click here to watch.

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Shupiwe poll
Character of the Month

Do you think Shupiwe is eventually going to give Nguzu a reason to be angry with her?

Yes. Things have been going too smoothly for Shupiwe so what goes up must come down. 44%
No. Shupiwe is truly Nguzu’s most hardworking and loyal wife so there is no room for disappointment. 56%

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