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Landlady Meets Landlord

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Malingose is still not over Muzo and Thandie's kissing scandal. Lizzy is arrested, and Makolo and Zelipa enthusiastically embrace their new positions of authority.

S4 | E26
20 October 08:30
'S4/E26 of 26'. Police commander send another police reserve to the 'malume police post'. Makolo's marriage ceremony end...






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#ZMLLMLL: Mwila's Choice

Who will marry Mr Mwila marry?


Love in a hopeless place – Landlady Meets Landlord

13 September 2021
Sometimes, love is found in the most unexpected places.
Lizzy and Malume

For some people, the concept of love is a complicated one and the search for true love is nothing close to what fairytales are made of. 

Our girl Lizzy (Landlady Meets Landlord every Friday at 20:30hrs on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162) shows us every day that it is never too late to find love and that sometimes the love you seek is found in the most unexpected places, including behind bars!

Recently, we’ve seen how Malume has gone above and beyond to make sure the love of his life Lizzy’s prison stay is comfortable. Why? Because Lizzy is the apple of his eye, and he needs to be there for her. 

He has managed to have an almost perfect dating experience with her, much to the surprise of his subordinates at the prison who are all too aware that this is happening behind high prison walls.

There is nothing Malume won’t do for the love of his life and this makes our hearts sing because as much as their love is currently limited by prison walls, the little they do together goes a long way – and that’s what fairytales are made of.

We’d like to know what kind of love you found in the weirdest of places and how that love turned out for you. 

Drop us a few comments and stay tuned to Landlady Meets Landladyevery Friday at 20:30hrs on #ZambeziMagic DStv Channel 162 for more laughter and entertainment on Zambezi Magic.