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Gaborone’s Boyfriend – DMF Botswana

05 August 2019
25 year old model and self proclaimed pretty boy seeks his perfect companion
latty and thato dmfbots ep 3

Latty is a 25 year old model, entrepreneur and self proclaimed pretty boy who has given himself the moniker “Gaborone’s Boyfriend”. He is a fun loving, quiet, multi layered guy who enjoys making money.

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He is looking for an ideal mate who he connects with on a lot of levels, and though he claims he isn’t really into physical attributes, he believes his ideal mate must be someone who isn’t a jealous freak, because his line of work makes him interact with a lot of beautiful females.

So, the show has lined up three dates according to the parameters Latty has laid out for his perfect match so let’s take a look at them.

Hopeful 1: April

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22 year old student April is an entrepreneur who is fondly described by her friends as funny, loving and a kind person. She is also described as humble and ambitious, with a potential to be wild sometimes.

Hopeful 2:  Wame

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Recent media and motions graduate, Wame is described by her friends as focused and this 24 year old is very hands on with her mom’s catering business. Her ideal man is the classic TDH.

Hopeful 3: Thato

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Described by her friends as a ball of fire, 28 year old Thato is a mother of 1. She is a model and singer who loves the outdoors. Highly adventurous, Thant wants a man who can keep up with her high energy levels.

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Seems like number 3 is the lucky number on this week's episode as Thato is the lady who scores the date with Gaborone’s boyfriend, Latty. Halfway through the date though, Latty seems to be regretting his choice, as he starts laying down the laws. There doesn’t seem like there would be a second date though as he left her with a “don’t call me, I’ll call you” line.

Click here to see the images of how their date went. And before we get set to see what new couples await us in the next episode, check out how George's date went with this highlight clip below.

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