Who is keeping you warm this winter? - #ZMSteamyWinter

26 July 2021
Winter is here and we are prepared.
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The weather forecast is in and it predicts a very cold winter, but with very warm evenings! You may be asking yourself how this is possible? Well, it’s all thanks to our hot Monday to Friday programming. We’ve asked you which show and character is warming up your winter on #ZambeziMagic – and we are loving your responses. 

Although we love all the shows and characters on Zambezi Magic, we have picked someone from each of our programmes, that we are warming up with this winter. 


Show:#ZMUncleLimbani, Fridays at 20:30hrs 

Beatrice is Limbani’s colleague and has gone through a lot with him. Limbani is either always trying to throw her under the bus, or she finds herself in situations where she needs his assistance. Beatrice is hilarious and we know she makes a good meal. What more could one possibly ask for this winter? 


Show: #ZMZuba, Monday - Friday at 20:00hrs 

We know what you’re thinking ?but yes we have a soft spot for Vinny. So did the woman in the village. We’d also jump at the chance to get him water to drink. Maybe it’s the voice or the looks – but on a serious note, it’s how he came to Mutinta’s rescue and how he is making an effort to want to be in her life. We also love how he is actively trying to change. If he could save Mutinta, he can definitely save us from the cold. 


Show: #ZMMpali, Monday - Thursday at 20:30hrs 

It’s not because he’s come into an inheritance and he oversees everything that happens on the farm ?but that doesn’t hurt. ?We love the fact that he is fair and treats and holds everyone to the same standard. This doesn’t always make him the fave, but we are here for it. Consistency is key in these winter months. 

Who:The entire table

Show:#ZMTuvwange, Thursdays at 21:30hrs 

You didn’t really think we could choose one out of our four amazing hosts did you? We love everything about them and Tuvwange is what it is because of the different perspectives they all bring to the conversations. We need lots of company during these chilly winter months and feel privileged we get to keep warm with four of the best. 

Who:The beautiful brides 

Show:My Kitchen Party, Fridays at 21:00hrs 

Every Friday we get to fall in love with a new bride. We can see why our grooms picked you, ladies! It’s those “how we met and how it’s going” stories that keep us warmed up this winter, especially our hearts. ❤️

#ZambeziMagic promises a #ZMSteamyWinter and by tuning in and letting us know who is keeping you warm, you stand the chance to win BIG > https://zambezimagic.dstv.com/competition/steamy-winter-competition.