What’s next for Jairos and Hambe? – Mpali

07 May 2021
Will the new information that has come to light change things between these two?
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We’ve seen Jairos and Hambe’s relationship unfold right before our eyes. One minute they were friends and now they are… brothers! ?

Nguzu is ready to retire and it is no secret that his succession plan has been the main source of conflict and tension on the farm. He has reassured Jairos, who has been a trusted assistant on the farm for many years, that he values him and even attempted to speak him out of retiring. He asked Jairos to think about his decision of wanting to leave and further affirmed him, mentioning that he has been a good influence on Hambe who he feels has matured because of Jairos’s counsel. 

Hambe is aware of what his father thinks of him and knows just how fond Nguzu is of Jairos and doesn’t mind it one bit because he considers Jairos his best friend. Hambe believes that together, they can take over the farm and even own a second one if all goes according to plan. 

But this was before the big announcement...

What happens now that it has been confirmed that Hambe isn’t Nguzu’s biological son and Jairos is? Will the nature of their relationship change? There are so many ways this story could go. Let’s take a deep dive!

                                               They could embrace each other as brothers

Hambe has always had a soft spot for Jairos as his friend and that could easily translate into their new relationship. The fact that they are brothers now could validate all the hopes that Hambe had for them as a unit. They have both received new information that has totally blindsided them, and they could help each other navigate the feelings brought about by this new reality. Together they could achieve amazing things!

                                                          Their friendship could end

Jairos may want to take his rightful place as Nguzu’s son after all these years and that could potentially upset Hambe. Hambe could grow resentful of Jairos and their friendship could end because he may feel that he no longer belongs. Nguzu has always been critical of Hambe and has praised Jairos, but the one thing Hambe has had over Jairos in the time they have known each other, is the fact that he thought he was Nguzu’s son and Jairos wasn’t. 

What will happen between Jairos and Hambe now that the truth is out? There’s only one way to find out. 

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