We specialise in the best – Best In Local Storytelling

31 May 2021
Get familiar with all our favourites
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We specialise in the best – Best In Local Storytelling

Get familiar with all our favourites 

We pride ourselves in being the best in local storytelling, and under this umbrella there are a lot of tiers. We have a variety of shows to choose from every week, that resonate with you our viewer! Whatever genre you are looking for, we’ve got the best of the best for you. Here are some of the shows we are proud of, some have ended, and more are coming soon. 

Best In Local Comedy

If you want to roll on the floor with laughter, welcome to Zambezi Magic, the home of comedy.


We had the very best of homegrown comedies playing on the channel. It was all the familiar favourites at midday every Monday to Friday. We all feel the midday slump and these rib-cracking comedies turned frowns into smiles. It featured #ZMSpoiler, #ZMShiMumbi, #ZMSecurityGuard, #ZMLLMLL and #ZMDorika. 

Uncle Limbani

Fridays have been hilarious with everyone’s favourite uncle, Limbani. He is always up to something and it’s usually a get-rich-quick scheme. He is always at loggerheads with Beatrice and gets up to mischief with his best friend, Tobias. Don’t miss #ZMUncleLimbani every Friday at 20:30hrs.

Best In Local Drama 

If it’s riveting, jaw clenching drama you are looking for, Zambezi Magic is where you’ll find it.


The second season of #ZMAmooye was intense. It carried on with the storyline of the three women who had covered up a murder and started with Noni’s family going from riches to rags. There was blackmail, there were ghosts, broken promises and broken dreams. 


This was story about a daughter and her father. Anna wants nothing more to follow in her father’s footsteps, but she is met with betrayal, lies and many obstacles that make her dream seem far from reach. She is willing to defy tradition and even her family to go after what she wants.

Snakes and Ladders 

This new season is filled with drama, drama and more drama. The storyline revolves around the themes of love, lust, alcoholism, broken relationships and financial struggles. Tune in every Monday to Wednesday at 19:30hrs.

Best In Local Reality and Lifestyle

On Zambezi Magic, we love to get real and talk about real issues that we are faced with in society. We are also able to celebrate love and let our hair down in the best of ways. 

My Kitchen Party 

Most of us dream of our special day, but only a lucky few get to share it with millions. We go on a journey with the couple, and it is filled with suspense, drama, laughter, teamwork, kept and broken promises and the beginning of forever. Catch My Kitchen Party every Friday at 21:00hrs.


Lifestyle is the name of the game and the ladies of #ZMTuvwange are a dynamic powerhouse. This season, they have discussed everything from the perfect proposal, to colourism, but still manage to give us the life hacks we certainly love. Join them every Thursday at 21:30hrs. 

Best In Local Telenovelas 

If you love a good plot, then the twists and turns of our telenovelas will leave you spinning. 


This season of #ZMZuba has kept us at the edge of our seats. Mutinta was kidnapped and Vinny got her back, but Zuba thought that Thando did, and then she found out the truth. Their marriage is hanging by a thread, and everyone is trying to get them to work it out especially Phingiwe and Joshua. That’s just the half of it. For the other half, tune in to Zuba at 20:00hrs every Monday to Friday. 


“Who will get the farm?” has been the question on everyone’s lips. Nguzu announcing his retirement, revealing his wives’ secrets, announcing a new son and deciding on the distribution of his wealth, has been the most intriguing journey. Watch #ZMMpali every Monday to Thursday at 20:30hrs. 

These are just some of the reasons why we are the #BestInLocalStorytelling. Catch every show on #ZambeziMagic DStv CH 162.