Tina Makes The Cut For Chabula – Date My Family Zambia

11 February 2019
Chabula’s search for an intellectual partner has lead him to Tina, who ticks most of his boxes.
dmfzambia ep 11 chabula and tina

Chabula Chilombo is a 27-year old aerospace engineer who is also a vegetarian with intrinsic needs and requirements when it comes to the characteristics he desires in a partner. Chabula considers himself as down to earth, funny and very considerate with high tolerance levels. Asides from being a deep thinker, Chabula also plays the Cello, piano and the guitar and has also received some classical dance training.

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After being single for about 15 months, Chabula is ready to get back into the dating saddle, but first he will have to navigate through the families of all three hopefuls before he can possibly find the one. Let’s meet the hopefuls:

Suitor 1: Martha

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This 20-year old hair stylist is hoping to get into college to pursue a career in medicine. She loves swimming, watching ovies and hanging out with friends; friends who consider her a homely person who loves to dance and is a good listener.

Suitor 2: Tina

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22-year old medical student is also a business woman who dabbles in clothing retail. Her close friends call her a drunk due to her love for booze. She loves to party and hang out with her friends and considers herself shy, until she gets to know you better.

Suitor 3: Mweemba

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This 21-year old nursing student loves singing, braiding hair and going out with friends on occasion. Her last relationship ended when her ex couldn’t provide for her financially. Her ideal man must be tall, clean and financially stable, and oh; he must own his own car.

At the end of all three dinner dates with the families of the hopefuls, Chabula was quick to admit that he still had a lot to learn from the people around him. Now that he has to make a choice on which lady to take out on a date, he picked Tina, whom he felt her family best represented and she sounded like she may be able to match him on an intellectual plane.

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Though there was an almost instant connection between the two, Chabula admitted that he was a bit taken aback by the fact that he found himself explaining some of his retorts and remarks to her. Tina, on the other hand felt that though he wasn’t her ideal physical pick, she welcomes the idea of a second date. Guess some people are about to get a verbal upgrade.

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