Spoilt for choice – Spoiler

30 January 2020
The very best laughs from Spoiler this season

1580386948 34 zm spoiler s3 e7 20190926 newuncle

Season 3 heralded the arrival of Spoiler's Uncle from the Village. He almost had us believing he would get the better of Spoiler. After much huffing, and puffing, he couldn't bring Yours Truly down!

1580387174 34 zm spoiler s3 e9 20191011 wifetobe

Wait. What?! Spoiler almost got caught in a marriage trap! Suzie's devotion is what ultimately saved him from playing husband and father to a child who was not his!

1580387479 34 zm spoiler s3 20191206

About to be sent to the seminary to become a priest, Spoiler had to think faster on his feet than he ever before. This near miss had us ROTFL!

1580387713 34 zm spoiler s3 20192911

In true Spoiler fashion, a whole host of crazy characters arrived to be interviewed in the hopes of winning this young lady's hand in marriage.

1580387939 34 zm spoiler s3 20191220

Spoiler may not have the looks, the money nor even the charm; but he does have the guile to STEAL YOUR GIRL!?

1580388067 34 zm spoiler s3 20200111

This episode showed us that Spoiler cannot manipulate everyone to his whims. This heavy-weight stood his ground, and refused to corrupt his morals by striking a woman.

1580388458 34 zm spoiler s3 20200124

We were never ready! When Spoiler realizes that Lizzie is having an affair right under her husband’s nose, he goes further than ever to 'help'. Unfortunately Mr Njongijo's maleficent nature plays right into Spoiler's hand, and he meets a deadly end.

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