Original African Movies: 4 - 8 September

04 September 2017
If you're into movies, then we've got a date this week at 12:00 and 17:00.
secret of the soul

Monday 04 September

12:00 Dance of the Spirit Part 1

Excitement fill the air as the maidens of a village prepare for a dance competition but the arrival of a mysterious maiden cast a dark cloud over the community.

17:00 The King and The Maidens

An entire community is thrown into complete turmoil when the gods of the land decide to visit the sins of its evil king on the entire kingdom.

Tuesday 05 September

12:00 Weeping Angel Part 2

The love affair between a wealthy young woman and a poor man is put to test after he returns home to find his life savings have been mismanaged by his elder brother

17:00 Mother and Child

Unable to have a child, Jonah is quick to forget the past generosity of his in-laws as his family convinces him to send his wife away.

Wednesday 06 September

12:00 Eze Ego Babes Part 2

Tired of a tradition that forbids women to own anything; two women seek to abolish the law, gaining wealth and power even at the cost of their lives.

17:00 Love Shooter

Caught in a love triangle that threatens to destroy their once happy family; two sisters struggle to win the affection of one man.

Thursday 07 September

12:00 Bekee (Sequel to The Birthday)

A trail of bad luck and deaths follow a tight knit family on their birthdays, making life unbearable but as their predicament worsens, it also exposes a family secret.

17:00 Royal Bastard aka Secret of The Soul

A wicked man’s scheme to overthrow the king is well underway but with the unannounced arrival of the king’s only son from a foreign land; can his aim be achieved.

Friday 08 September

12:00 Holy Family Part 2

An evil man sacrifices six of his seven children to renew his age however when he goes after the last one, a higher power threatens his plans.

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