Original African Movies: 25 - 29 September

25 September 2017
This week, stay engaged on Zambezi Magic as we bring you the best of original African movies at 12:00 and 17:00.
hero of love

Monday 25 September
NEXT OF KIN A greedy sister conspires to edge her sibling out of their late father’s life insurance policy and is willing to destroy anyone who stands in the way of her evil ambition.

FOR LOVE AND FOR PAIN PT 2 A young woman sacrifices everything she worked for to help the man she loves, sadly he travels overseas leaving a path of pain and anguish for her.

Tuesday 26 September
JOURNEY OF IJELE PT 1 A young orphan who is highly favored by the king attracts jealousy from his kinsmen; who began to plot his downfall when they discover he could ascend the throne

PAINS OF OMA Two sisters suffer through life after the death of their parents; until nemesis exposed their wicked uncle whose acts of wickedness was their sorrow to bear.

Wednesday 27 September
FOREST GIRL PT 2 A young girl is accused of killing her parents and condemned to the evil forest, surprisingly she survives but her freedom comes with many surprising revelations.


Two happy love birds are living and sacrificing for each other. So, when the opportunity comes for the man to travel abroad, the woman again sacrifices all she has.

Thursday 28 September
ASA WAH WAH A young woman is pressured to succeed like her peers so she moves to the city; she falls in love with a dubious man and soon discovers not all that glitters is gold


EZE EGO BABES PT 1 Tired of a tradition that forbids women to own anything; two women seek to abolish the law, gaining wealth and power even at the cost of their lives

Friday 29 September
VILLAGE FIGHTER, THE PT 2 After the death of their father; three sisters feud with their uncle over their father’s property but things worsen after one of the sisters gives birth to a son.

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