No Dancing For Chimwemwe – Date My Family Zambia

16 April 2019
Chim-Dawg feels his relationship status needs an upgrade and is ready to find that perfect match
ep 7 chimdawg and florence

Chimwemwe Bizeck Phiri is a 28 year old IT engineer who runs his own IT firm. He considers himself a jolly, accommodating fellow who is also a good listener and a clown. He hates lies and people who nag a lot as this just rubs him off the wrong way.

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He claims to have been single for over a year after his last relationship failed and now he is ready to upgrade his status from single to dating in lieu of building his future with his partner. But to find the right one, he will have to go on three diner dates with the families of the potentials lined up for him; so lets meet them.

Bachelorette 1: Charity

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21 year old nursing student who her friends call beautiful, good company and fun to be around. She also claims to be humble and armed with a short temper which can flare up at anytime.

Bachelorette 2: Florence

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This 23 year old hair dresser and potential student is mild tempered and matured. She also contradicts herself by claiming to be down to earth, short tempered and loves smiling. She says she is looking for a loyal man who will love her.

Bachelorette 3: Lukonshya

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This 23 year old radio presenter and student is considered by her friends as a warm and bubbly person who loves family time and the company of her close friends and loved ones. Not really a party/club type, she rather gravitates towards more intimate scenarios.

At the end of all three dinner dates with the families of the potentials, Chim-dawg may have succeeded in keeping his clownish side at bay and focused on gleaming information about his potentials; and when he had to choose, he picked Florence whom he felt was best represented by her friends and family.

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Chim-Dawg couldn’t really hide his displeasure at his choice as he felt her people had slightly misrepresented her, which made for a very awkward dinner date. A date he seemed to want to end as quickly as possible. Could he be plotting a return to Lukonshya’s house to hook up with her cousin the fellow IT specialist?

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