Namasina Chimponda’s Love Lessons – My Kitchen Party

12 November 2018
Namasina was a student when she met Ascensio who happened to be a teacher in her school; but the pair developed a relationship when they met outside school
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Love is a beautiful thing, especially when both parties are on the same frequency and speak the same language. Namasina frist met Ascensio while she was in school and he was a teacher there. But the pair became officially introduced and friendly when they met in Lusaka during school holidays.

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The relationship between them became official after she finished high school and they got even closer. They both enjoyed each others’ company and even though he had to move to a different city for work, they still stayed in touch and he would make frequent visits to her.

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Realizing that he had found the right woman to spend the rest of his natural life with, Ascensio decided to pop the question, and she said YES! Let us tag along for their kitchen party as we check out some of the highlights from the big day.

Final Committee Meeting

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Final Shopping Rounds before D-Day

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D-Day and bride gets ushered to her seat

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Groom and his entourage arrive

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Show of respect for the groom

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Exchange of gifts

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Hugs and Blessings from mommy dearest

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Love conquers all, irrespective of age or status. Namasinda and Ascensio have conquered all the obstacles in their path and as they start a new chapter together, we believe the strenght of their love will more than suffice to see them through.

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