My Kitchen Party: Sophie’s Love through the Lens.

02 July 2018
True love and magic is what happens when a photographer finds his muse through his lens.
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Sophie Mulenga first met Felix while she was taking pictures at a school function and the man behind the lens was Felix. A brief conversation about how she would get her pictures from him morphed into an exchange of contact numbers. Sophie and Felix stayed in touch after the photo session and gradually, a friendship was formed. Constant communication back and forth soon got both of them recognizing the finer qualities they both possessed which endeared them to each other.

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mkpzambia sophie mulenga

The connection was undeniable and Felix decided he had found his muse to see him through this life’s journey and he plucked up the courage to propose to her, a proposal that was accepted with the same measure of enthusiasm he shared.

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mkpzambia sophie mulenga

With both families happy with the couple’s decision to get married, the dates were set and committee members assembled to ensure that Sophie’s Kitchen Party was nothing short of picture perfect. So, with all that being said, let us check out Sophie's Kitchen Party highlights...in images.

Sophie's committe discussing pending issues

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mkpzambia sophie mulenga

Sophie getting schooled in the old ways by the elders

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mkpzambia sophie mulenga

With her orientation done, Sophie gets ready for her big day

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mkpzambia sophie mulenga

Sophie is ushered in by her entourage

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mkpzambia sophie mulenga

The smiling groom gets his instructions from the matron

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mkpzambia sophie mulenga

Sophie presents a drink to her groom

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mkpzambia sophie mulenga

The young couple present gifts to their mothers

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mkpzambia sophie mulenga


It is such a thing of beauty to see a young couple in love and not afraid to commit their futures to each other in holy matrimony. Sophie and Felix found love through the lens of a camera and it is clear to see that this picture perfect union gets a thumbs up from all of their friends and family in attendance.

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