My Kitchen Party: Mr Right for Muma Malabo

16 July 2018
You could say Muma’s husband was a direct gift from God and you wouldn’t be totally wrong, because they first met after a church prayer vigil.
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Muma and Richard both worshipped in the same church but their official meeting happened after a particular night vigil service where he approached her and asked her for her numbers. A friendship was immediately formed and they both enjoyed chatting to each other over the phone, with conversations that would sometimes last all through the night into the wee hours of the morning.

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mkpzambia muma malabo

The first time Richard asked Muma to be his girlfriend, her answer was a stern NO; but that answer didn’t deter Richard or cause any frictions with them as it seems the friendship got even stronger. The persistent Richard popped the same question again a year after and he got the answer he wanted, Muma agreed to date him.

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mkpzambia muma malabo

4 years into their relationship and Richard popped the big question, albeit with some assistance from his friends and some of her siblings. Muma was so stunned by the proposal and the manner with which it was executed that she shed tears of joy as she accepted Richard’s proposal to become his wife. With the final blessings from both families obtained, the new couple have gone about putting plans in place for Muma’s Kitchen Party and we decided to tag along for the festivities. Below are some of the highlights as captured in pictures.

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mkpzambia muma malabo

Muma's sister chairs the family committee

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mkpzambia muma malabo

Muma trying on her bridal outfit with the tailor

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mkpzambia muma malabo

Facebeat as we prep for the big day

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mkpzambia muma malabo

D-Day is here as the veilled bride arrives at the venue

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mkpzambia muma malabo

As if on cue, the groom arrives with his entourage

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mkpzambia muma malabo

With the bride unveilled, the groom showers her with gifts

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mkpzambia muma malabo

Muma shows her new husband she was raised in a good home

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mkpzambia muma malabo

The new couple present gifts to their mothers

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mkpzambia muma malabo


Muma may not have been praying for the right man to approach her when she went to church for the night vigil prayers, but God must have been listening to her heart as he sent her Mr Right, or should we say Mr Richard. And as they have committed to walk into forever together, we wish them all the bliss that matrimony has to offer and more.

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