My Kitchen Party: Lukundo finds her perfect match

09 July 2018
Not all match-making hook-ups end in mishap; Lukundo and Godfrey are proof of that
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Usually, not all match-making situations end with a good story and even more rare is a great love story resulting from two strangers being paired; however the case of Lukundo and Godfrey is one for the love story books.  Lukundo is a 24 year old nurse who got ‘hooked up’ with a guy, Godfrey by a mutual friend and it was an almost instant connection.

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mkpzambia lukundo nonde

Godfrey and Lukundo hit it off almost immediately, enjoying each others’ company with smooth flowing conversations and a healthy dose of humor. Godfrey even admitted that he found himself thinking about Lukundo the next day while he was at work. Constant communication between these two soon blossomed into something a little stronger than friendship and as they got closer emotionally, a proposal seemed inevitable but the manner of the proposal took Lukundo by surprise, and her answer to his big question was a yes.

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mkpzambia lukundo nonde

With both families giving their blessings to the union, a date was set for the official ceremonies to be conducted. We have selected a few images from Lukundo’s Kitchen Party for your perusal as we celebrate the coming together of these two individuals.

The bride's mother chairing the family committee

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mkpzambia lukundo nonde

The bride getting ready for her big day

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mkpzambia lukundo nonde

The groom finally arrives with a deep entourage

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Godfrey unveils the waiting bride to commemorate the event

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mkpzambia lukundo nonde

With the bride unveilled, the groom presents her with gifts

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mkpzambia lukundo nonde

The bride in turn presents the groom with a gift

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mkpzambia lukundo nonde

With the ceremonies done, the bride escorts the groom out of the hall

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mkpzambia lukundo nonde


As we have just witnessed, not all blind hook-ups end in mishap, some actually have a beautiful love story and a forever ride into the sunset attached to it. So, here's wishing Lukundo and Godfrey a blissful happily ever after.

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