My Kitchen Party: Lucy's Celebration

18 May 2018
Love at first sight or deep intuition? However you choose to interpret it, Lucy and Vincent seemed destined to be together
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Lucy had a chance meeting with Vincent in a bus on her way home and after she got off at her stop, he also got off and they had a brief chat where they exchanged phone numbers. When a work activity almost derailed their first meeting, Vincent was unrelenting and opted to visit her at work instead.

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Lucy and Vincent both seemed convinced from the first time they met that they wanted to be with each other as their inherent qualities shone through. They both agreed to give the relationship some time to mature and for them to get to know each other properly first before he could go see her parents, though that was the inevitable outcome of their hookup. With the consent and blessings from Lucy’s parents granted, the bride started making plans for her Kitchen party, a ceremony that pretty much confirms the union between the couple.

Marital Teachings from the family matriachs for Lucy.

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The veiled bride arrives at the Kitchen Party venue.


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Though he was late, the groom and his entourage arrive

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The groom unveils the waiting bride

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The bride presents gifts to her mothers

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Lucy shows her husband how well cultured she is

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The couple is presented to everyone

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Congratulatory hugs for the groom

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Groom's mother can't hide her joy

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Such a beautiful ceremony as the bride and groom prepare for their future together. We wish them both a fantastic journey as they build their future together and trust that the love that brought them together will keep them till forever.

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