My Kitchen Party: Idah Kango finds Mr Right

25 June 2018
After her last relationship left her shattered, Idah swore off men, but a chance meeting with Abraham has renewed her faith.
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Idah Kango is a young woman who is unapologetic in her personality and very vocal about her opinions and after her last relationship ended in heartbreak; it was no surprise when she swore off men from Lusaka. On an unsuspecting day, she went to a phone shop with her friend, but didn’t realize that her chance meeting with Abraham that day would be the trigger to renew and fix her perception about men for good. A brief introduction and swapped cell phone numbers would be the beginning of a relationship that would lead to an outcome she didn’t expect or anticipate.

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mkpzambia idah kango

Idah and Abraham soon realized they liked each other to the point of going out on dates and reveling in each other’s company, but Abraham is a man who doesn’t believe in wasting time and after the pair had been dating for a few months, decided to propose to her. A proposal he masqueraded as a soccer and drinks date. Idah, already smitten by Abraham’s charms didn’t hesitate and agreed to marry him.

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mkpzambia idah kango

With all the formalities between both families observed, the date was set for the church and Kitchen party ceremonies. Let us check out some of the highlights of Idah’s Kitchen party moments.

The bride undergoing her 'Chilanga Mulilo'

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mkpzambia idah kango

The bride gets dolled up for her big day

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mkpzambia idah kango

The veilled bride arrives at the venue

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Not one to waste time, the groom follows with his entourage

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mkpzambia idah kango

The groom unveils his bride and presents her with gifts

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mkpzambia idah kango

With the ceremonies done, Idah presents gifts to her mother and mother-in-law

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mkpzambia idah kango

Abraham and Idah have made the committment to spend the rest of their lives together and both families have given the new couple their blessings and prayers. A true celebration of love and shared vows to accompany them on their journey to forever together.

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