My Kitchen Party: Enala Mwila’s new BFF

27 August 2018
Enala first met Brian through her brother who was his friend. A year after that first meeting, they were in a relationship which has now blossomed into a future together
mkp ep 12 enala mwila

Enala Mwila has a very close-knit relationship with her family and when the chance to go visit her out of town sister came, she took it. Her brother found out his sisters were hooking up and decided to crash the party, with his friend in tow. His friend Brian took an instant liking to Enala and wasn’t shy to inform his friend about his affections for his sister.

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The pair began dating a year after that first meeting and though like every relationship they had their ups and downs, they always managed to fix things and these challenges helped bring them even closer together. 3 years into the relationship and Brian felt the time was right to pop the question and her answer was yes.

Tag along with us as we share a few of her kitchen party highlights with you.

Family Committee, as chaired by the bride's mom and sister

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Bride recieves instructions from the famil matriachs

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Quick dress fitting before the D-Day

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D-Day and the bride can't stop smiling

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The mothers of the bride and groom can't contain their excitement

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Groom's sister unveils the bride to be sure she is the right one

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The groom arrives, duly accompanied by his entourage

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Groom climbs under the veil to greet his new bride

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Lots of roses, but the true flower is the gorgeous bride

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The couple presenting gifts to their mothers

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Enala and Brian met through her brother and have just debunked the claims that one can't date their brother's friend. May this show of love remain as bright as the noon day sun, shining it's light on everyone around them.

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